View and Download Comdial DX user manual online. Digital Executive Telephone. DX Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: View and Download Comdial DX installation & maintenance manual online. DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download Comdial DX installation and maintenance manual online . DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download.

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Comdial Corporation which made phone systems under their own name was later taken over by Vertical after having declared bankruptcy.

See Diagram X as a reference of the various interface connectors. Exit the programming mode. The LCD is very useful for sending and receiving preprogrammed messages. Voice Mail — Analog Integration The DX system may be interfaced to a third-party voice mail system via spare analog ports. Page 70 0 for the system attendant.

You hear a confirmation tone and the display briefly shows the telephone number where outside line transfers will be routed. Use the figures above for each unit installed or to be installed and calculate the total for this system configuration. The momentary operation of the hook-switch at the analog device is deciphered by the DX system in such a way that the previous call in progress is held, or placed in a status of transfer awaiting further instructions from the user.


When assigned as attendant, this extension supports general system functions like Line Recall, Forced Incoming Manuwl Call Forward and manual evening or alternate service mode operation. The DX can be set to warn an extension that the clmdial has expired thereby advising the user to disconnect.

You hear the current Tone and the setting displays. The display indicates the new status: Once manal connection is made, it is possible to connect to the DX system processor for the various Maintenance operations. Enter text from picture: The DX system provides two sources of Music On Hold since the system may be installed in a location that serves two separate businesses and music on hold requirements.


The current mode of operation displays. The DX enhances this function significantly through the use of integrated RAD messages as part of the voice mail implementation.

Comdial DX-80 User Manual

Speakerphone You may choose to first press an idle CO line or you mqnual let the system automatically select the line.

The DX delivers a vast array of office productivity features manusl telephone use enhancing features including Caller Identification required Telephone Company subscription in the standard package. The display will momentarily show the feature status invoked: If one of the voice processing systems are installed, routing to the modem extension is automated.

You must link the two devices using the F5-Connect msnual. Extension Swapping As part of the Flexible Numbering Plan in the DX system, extension directory numbers as defined in the database programming can be exchanged swapped from one port to another. The program title page displays. The system permits eight extensions to have the Automatic Recording capability. Optionally, an internal musical tune or tone can be used for callers on hold.

Page Once a physical connection cable or modem has been made between the PC and the Comfial system. The display also facilitates the standard Caller ID feature — allowing all digital speakerphones to receive caller ID information as it is received from the servicing telephone company. Every CO line can have Call Back requests by all extensions at the same time.

Comdial DX-80 Installation And Maintenance Manual

All others are set to 0. The time interval to be considered domdial from the time the trunk access code is dialed to the time that trunk dial tone is heard. This feature can be used to simplify moves and changes of extensions at any specific location. It is the intention of recall to assure that callers on hold or in transfer condition do not go unattended. Operation — Establish an Unsupervised Conference 1. Program messages into the UCD Overflow mailboxes as required.


Page 73 You may continue programming other CO lines for automated attendant use or exit the programming mode. dxx-80

Operation — Receiving a Call in Tone Mode When your extension is idle, an intercom call to your extension will alert you of the call with a double-burst tone which is repeated until you respond or until the call follows a Call Forward route. They will help you accomplish installations, configuration changes, telephone settings and making programming changes to your phones.

To program a feature code, press [ftr]. The LCD enhances many system features as well; A headset connected to the headset jack can be operated as an integral component of the DX digital speakerphone.

Page Use the voice mail user guide and audio prompts to retrieve messages and invoke other mailbox operations. Page 13 The AAM is then capable of handling four calls simultaneously. Information in manuql documentation is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Comdial.

Headset jack adapters are often available from headset manufacturers to adapt your headset to the manial. At times it may be difficult to remember the code for the necessary feature.

If an adequate connection straight-through serial cable or modem connection exists between Press the middle Interactive Soft Button under the in the display.

Headset jack adapters are often available from headset manufacturers to adapt your headset to the 2. In the case of incoming calls that are received with Caller ID although this feature is a standard feature of the DX, a telephone company subscription is requiredtwo records are output.