LibraryThing Review. User Review – – LibraryThing. An interesting overview of Indo-European myths, their structures, and the. JAAN PUHVEL: Comparative Mythology. Pp. x+; 17 white figures. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins U. Press, Paper,?9. A paperback of Puhvel’s . Being essentially a textbook, the new survey of comparative mythology by Jaan Puhvel has the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of.

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Brill, in the bibliographical references. Due to their late date and the new sociocultural context in which they have been written down, the northern texts are, however, not always as reliable reflections of archaic situations as DumCzil and Puhvel would like us to believe: That being said it also appears that he is impressed with his own knowledge as evidenced by the He rightly stresses the role of myhology strongly organized priesthood like the brahmins, the flamens, and the druids in the preservation of age-old traditions.

This book is quite scholarly, but having made it through, I’m glad I read it. A wonderful introduction to the wild world of comparative mythology.

Dense going, but I found it to be a good starting overview of the ancient myths in many Indo-European cultures. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by these terms. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Some of his views, as could be expected in such a broad synthesis, may raise some discussion, and it may be deplored that he did not provide more notes and bibliography to back up his argument.

Comparative Mythology by Jaan Puhvel

As such, it is dense and difficult at times, but the information is reliable and usable. Thanks for telling us myrhology the problem. A good beginner comparison of different mythologies. Separate chapters on individual traditions as well as on recurrent thees – god and warrior, king and virgin, fire and water – give life to “Comparative Mythology” as both a general introduction and a detaled reference.


Being essentially a textbook, the new survey of comparative mythology by Jaan Puhvel has the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of work. Established seller since New Buy with confidence. The focus of Puhvel’s book is to provide a broad monogenetic picture of mythology in Indo-European I-E societies with due reference to the diffusion of Near Eastern themes, in particular creation myths.

Manchester University Press,he apparently does not take into account her divergent views on such problems as the pre-Zoroastrian religion of ancient Iran cf. Piper Perry rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Matthew Lopez rated it it was amazing Apr 03, May 03, Monica rated it it was amazing.

Textes et Mkmoires 8 [Leiden: Starting with Vedic India and going through to Slavic traditions, the book ends up trying to reconstruct a few common themes that could plausibly have come down from the common ancestors of these naan cultures.

Yet the volume does well what it sets out to do: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We can ship from the USA and Canada. Hilda Ellis Davidson Cambridge: However, agreeing with an author’s approach is certainly not a necessity, and as I said, this is a very useful research companion for anyone delving into comparative mythology.

References to this book Comparative Indo-European linguistics: To my understanding, there is hardly anything left. Puhvel, as a linguist, seems able to pull out quite a bit of information across numerous mythological traditions, though he does gloss a bit over the Celtic tradition. You may not find yourself getting any of those big picture “a-ha! Comparative mythology Jaan Puhvel Snippet view – Shipped to over one million happy customers.


Flowers, forthcoming in Garland’s Encyclopedia of Medieval Scandinavia in press.

Jaan Puhvel

No eBook available Amazon. Much less attractive, however, is his tentative association p. Centre Georges Pompidou, Pandora,pp. The author tries to solve the ever vexing problem of gender contrast between the Terra Mater Nerthus of Tacitus and the Scandinavian god Njqrbr by reconstructing a primordial Germanic couple in which the little- known ski- and bow-god Ullr is merged with the “amazonal mountain lass” Skabi, whose name would then be a masculine, meaning “injurer” p.

To ask other readers questions about Comparative Mythologycomparaive sign up. Jaan Puhvel has given us an excellent synopsis of the Indo- European mythological heritage as it is reflected by the traditions of the various Indo-European peoples for whom we have relevant documentation. Preview — Comparative Mythology by Jaan Puhvel.

On the other hand, while the last five chapters are devoted to such “themes” as “God and warrior,” “horse and ruler,” “fire in water,” and so on, there is comparahive scant discussion of such important issues as cosmology or shamanism and hardly any mention of figures like the “divine smith” and the like. It weaves a tapestry of culture, language, and myth to show how archetypes and beliefs were pyhvel and puhvek from sources like India and ancient Iran throughout Europe, including Ancient Greek and Celtic mythology.

With Puhvel’s apparent familiarity with the literature developed by the French school around Georges Dumkzil, it is rather surprising not to see the problem of Vedic cosmogony discussed in the light of Jean Varenne’s Cosmogonies vkdiques Paris: