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The initiative was created to expand public information on the work of NGOs, to promote a culture of transparency, to respond partially to attacks made by the government to many human rights organizations, and to repel the attempt of different actors to co-opt NGOs. Unificadi to the conclusions of a workshop organized by Transparency for Colombia in March about access to information, it is necessary to increase sanctions when public officials do not respond properly to conceptoo to information requests.

Although the time period to obtain a license is reasonable, sometimes the process of opening the adjucation might be considerably longer. First, the confirmation that the Central Intelligence Agency DAS re been illegally wiretapping and spying on the communications of printed media journalists. According the Procurement Law, radio and TV licenses are selected through a transparent and public process. CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption can freely organize with little to no interaction with the government, other than voluntary registration.

In Octoberthere will be local elections for mayors, governors, local councils and departmental assemblies. It is important to note, however, that the Registraduria Nacional has already done some efforts to update the electoral register. A NO score is earned if elections are only monitored by an agency informally, such as poll booth monitoring by the police, only by international observers, or only by NGOs.

According to the National Union School ENSother forms of violence and intimidation such as death threats, unifiicado detentions and disappearances also increased duringmost of them attributed to reconfigured self defense paramilitary groups. According to the art. In law, where a broadcast radio and TV media license is necessary, there is an appeal mechanism if a license is denied or revoked.


Liberty to run for office is severely limited in Colombia by the armed conflict which imposes security constraints on candidates, by high campaign costs, and by the influence of illegal actors in the electoral processes. The lack of transparency in the definition of costs is also reflected in the definition of the price for the extension of the license for the two existing national TV stations.

In practice, the government conceptoo not create barriers to form a broadcast radio and TV media entity. As a consequence, there is unequal distribution of publicity, which usually penalizes independent and local media and deepens its economic problems.

Regime Facile Femme 6 Ans

However, despite the existence of formal appeal mechanisms and the advances made in recent years, the perception is that given the lack of efficiency and politicization of the electoral agencies, there is no effective investigation of irregularities.

Broadcast media groups are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such as intimidation or fear. The situation seemed to be even worst in the local elections for the municipality of Magangue on July 8,where the MOE reported extreme practices of vote buying on elections day.

The Constitutional Court in its rulings has established that it is a duty of public officials to answer information requests in a substantial, prompt and efficient way and not only formally.

The government does not regularly give reasons for denying an information request to the requestor.

Editors and journalists at the major media outlets abide by a strict journalistic code of conduct and are unwilling to alter their coverage of a particular issue, event or person in exchange for money, gifts, or other favors or remuneration.

Agencia Prensa Rural diqn de diciembre de http: A NO score is earned if there were any documented cases of assault to a journalist covering corruption during the study period. Media sectors may have distinct biases, such as newspapers favoring one party, while radio favors another.

Regime Facile Femme 6 Ans

Additionally, after an electoral reform was issued in introducing the system of open lists, parties centralize the information on individual candidates, and thus citizens can access general party accounts and only very limited information on the candidates. Records are uniformly available; there are no delays for politically sensitive information. According to the Constitution, the state guarantees the creation of media entities art.

According to law, voting is a fundamental right open to all citizens 18 years or older art. Political parties can form freely, however in there was an electoral reform aimed at reducing the fragmentation and lack of organization that characterized political parties in Colombia.


According to the Constitution, the Electoral Ckncepto is an independent branch of the government, although its election by Congress makes it politically dependent of parties and Congress. In some cases, the appeals mechanism is not an affordable option to middle class citizens seeking to challenge an access to information determination. In Colombia there 1, radio stations that operate in municipalities.

A YES score can still be earned if voting procedures are, in practice, inconvenient or unfair. Audiencia final de juzgamiento de Alfredo Molano Bravo Fecha: Non-discriminatory minimal criteria e. A NO score is earned if there is no cocnepto right for citizens or political parties to challenge allegedly fraudulent election results in the courts or other judicial mechanisms.

A YES score is earned if citizens have the right to form political parties without interference from government. During the period there were documented cases of threats and attacks on nongovernmental organizations that work on human rights, whose work unifixado touches upon corruption issues.

Often the sanctions imposed are small fines and the most serious violations are not detected or are ignored. Prensa Rural 18 de mayo de http: However, it is also stated that the decision to deny documents can be motivated by legal or constitutional reserve. Since the Ministry of Culture has developed programs and initiatives that contribute to the formation and training of members of community radio stations.

A YES score is earned if freedom of individual speech is guaranteed in law, including to all political parties, religions, and ideologies. Specific exceptions for speech linked with a criminal act, such as a prohibition on death threats, are allowed. The Law develops the article of the constitution and the right of citizens to oversee public management. A YES score is earned if there is a statutory or other framework enshrined in law that mandates elections at reasonable intervals. The law also states that all procurement processes are public, and if there is a request, there can be a public audience for adjudication art.