Conquista de lo inútil has ratings and reviews. Lee said: Here’s something to do before the end of the month: read this book and watch Fitzcar. WERNER HERZOG CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition). Stock Image. CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition): WERNER HERZOG. With Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Justo González. In the s, an adolescent Werner Herzog was transfixed by a film performance of the .

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But then Herzog had made two films in the area. Lists with This Book.

A Conquista do Inútil: Werner Herzog, o Barão de Iquitos | O Monomotor

I have a feeling that in this movie Herzog has blended performance art with movie and they coexist symbiotically. Unsurprisingly, it would seem that Huerequeque didn’t have to do any acting: The man hauled a steamship over a mountain in the Amazon. Even though I am familiar with the film, a short preface establishing the werjer would have been nice.

Of course, to capture this on film, Herzog himself must do the exact same thing – and does. This book is a fascinating and hypnotic look into the mind of a genius during the making of one of his most famous films. If you are a Herzog fan, you will love this. Nov 06, Lesly Yossie rated it really liked it. Ok, I have finishe I am half-way through.

The Wrath Of God’ if you want to be floored by total genius! We have to fly him to Iquitos for medical attention but cannot because the pilot has gouged out his eyes with the remains of a broken beer bottle.

The story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, an extremely determined man who intends to build an opera house in the middle of a jungle.


Half inside, half outside, with the trees pointing in. Instead, it reads more like a travelogue from a really terrible vacation. I climbed out onto the flat roof. Herzog went on to complete his film in the jungle, and the only reason I can conceive of is that Herzog knew that dr his Amazonian adventure would make one hell of a story.

Venture with cast and crew into the remote Peruvian Amazon, carve a path through the jungle and up a steep embankment, and then pull a ton steamship up and over this slope. And in the depths? An audiobook version hfrzog by Herzog himself would be awesome. If you liked Hearts of Darkness or Living in Oblivion, crack this one open.

If you are a fan of Fitzcarraldo, loo book, along with Les Blank’s documentary on the filming Burden of Dreamsgive a real feel for Herzog’s experience of the Amazon and the challenges in making the movie.

The jungle, existing exclusively in the present, is certainly subject to time, but remains forever ageless. Books by Werner Herzog. With it’s constant stream of detail without the farce of connecting it reflects the jungle that its most powerful character where one tiny square has as much detail as the whole, the same mass of meaning.

Conquista de lo inútil by Werner Herzog (4 star ratings)

Sep 23, Alex V. Laundry chemicals have stripped a duck of its feather oils and now it cannot stay afloat.

Want to Read saving…. Just then it grew quiet in the garage, and a man’s footsteps came up the stairs. I took my shoes and put them on the windowsill to air out. I can assure you that every word seems true to me.

There are few more interesting minds on the planet than Werner Herzog’s. You would expect a colonialism in his approach, but there is none. Audible Download Audio Books. It goes “Was it the movie or the making of Fitzcarraldo?


Or in the oceans? Then read the book. A leit-motif running through the journals is the bizarre quality of the news from civilization that filters down into the jungle: It struck me at how authentic his reactions and his relationship with the jungle became.

A Conquista do Inútil: Werner Herzog, o Barão de Iquitos

You don’t need to know much about the movie to understand what’s going qerner here, but having a fever helps. Be the first to ask a question about Conquest of the Useless. All that said, this is an amazing record of an amazing work.

All that is to be reported is this: It is rare to find a diary of an artist that so closely resemble their subject.

Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo

It’s all very Heart of Darkness and the language and concerns are distinctively Herzog-ian. Conquizta journal entries are often scattered in their subject matter and at times almost border on hallucinatory. He wasn’t a piranha but I swear each day that damn fish got just a little bigger and scarier-looking.

View all 10 comments. Werner Herzog Grizzly Man is one of the most revered and enigmatic filmmakers of our time, and Fitzcarraldo is one of his most honored and admired films.