The source PSTricks commands are stored in file. Pstake will (i) wrap them around a boilerplate, (ii) use LaTeX to generate an EPS file, and (iii) convert the. The package pst-pdf simplifies the use of graphics from PSTricks and other Post- Can be used to just convert the document with LATEX. Can someone help, at least to get started on a conversion / translation? \ usepackage{pstricks,pst-node,pstcol} %% used only for

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Filename str srcstr dst pst fn def emitter targetsourceenv: Erel Segal-Halevi 2, 6 22 So Tikz wins in this scenario. I prefer to provide the best practice approach.

So the conclusion is that if I want to have nice vectorial pictures of high standard, I should attend a computer graphical drawing course? You can use xshift and yshift, but these require units! I would like to convert. This Sphinx directive turns then input file to an image PNG fileand insert the image directly to the document.


Compile the main input file with pdflatex to get a PDF output. It is useful to debugging.

eps to pstricks, pgf or eepic (impossible?)

TikZ gives you powerful abstractions, even if you are not a programmer, or you are not willing to program this time. Zip them in a folder and it’s good to go. To be more explicit: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. That’s a bit ridiculous. Old hands at pstricks probably wont gain enough from the switch and may not be worth doing.


I think you’ll find more proper and useful and generic abstractions there which you can hook on in your extensions than in PSTricks. I hope my answer matches your question: I also have a java program called eps2pgf. I don’t have experience writing TikZ extensions, but from a quick glimpse of the TikZ source code, it seems to be easy to understand and extend, compared to other TeX macro packages I came across.

It is not recommended as we will waste much time to compile during the development phase. I think pstricks is superior.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The manual looks beautiful, though.

TikZ works with many back ends, including for those who care pdftex. I was confused whether to use PSTricks or Tikz. To make a compelling argument why one API is better than another, you may want to resort to examples.

Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. No registered users and 8 guests. I’ve written some TikZ extensions such as new node shapes, and this is not so hard if you understand the TeX calculation primitives and look at the TikZ source code.

  IEC 60479 1 PDF

My group uses Literate Pstrickss for most of our source codethis means that internal documentation is written using LaTeX.

[pstricks] how to convert pstricks to eps?

The quality of the drawings is unbeatable. Have a look at the code. The extensibility and compatibility of TiKZ is appealing leading us to agree that: On the other hand, ‘decorations’ look pretty neat. Perhaps explain why do you need to convert those raster lstricks in the first place and then we can try to find a solution to your real problem.

LaTeX 1 12 Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: You could attach one converrt your files as example to your next post so we may be able to offer some specific help or find alternatives.