Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice [David Galula, David Galula] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Back in print after almost. This monograph describes the nature and dynamics of insurgency and counterinsurgency (COIN) operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book. WARFARE. Theory and Practice. David Galula. Foreword by John A. Nagl. PSI Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era. Praeger Security International. Westport.

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Theory and Practice by David Galula. I found Colonel Galula’s book even more relevant now, than after my first read. Replace the softs and the incompetents, give full support of the active leaders. Tactics Having developed a strategic base for counterinsurgency, Galula turns his attention to tactics. The former may be likened to water the latter counterinsurgemcy the fish who inhabit it.

Colleague Activities Find out about the intractable conflict-related work that others in the peace and conflict field are doing. The counterinsurgent is tied to his responsibilities and to his past, and for him, facts speak louder than words.

Oct 07, Adam Elkus rated it liked it Shelves: Thus, the objective of the conflict is the people. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission.

While a revolution is a sudden and “accidental” mass movement and a plot or coup is an intentional effort to overthrow the top leadership in a swift action, an insurgency is intentional, but not swift.

It is interesting to see what someone has to say from so long ago that rings true today. Yet whatever their differences, both have conterinsurgency advice for the counterinsurgent, and both of the books should be used in conjunction when planning and preparing for counterinsurgency operations.

Feb 05, Dan Bell rated it really liked it Shelves: I have to admit, however, that ‘Counter-Insurgency Warfare: Indeed ,as Galula put it, “Essential though it is, the military action is secondary to the political one, its primary purpose being to afford the political power enough freedom to work safely with the population. Counterinsurgency in the Cold Revolutionary War. Galula, based on his experiences in the French Army during the end of colonialism, put his experiences to paper in this initial work on the theory of counterinsurgency.


Journal of Strategic Studies, Countwrinsurgency 33, Iss 5, p. Feb 02, Gordon rated it really liked it Shelves: He outlines in clear language the steps to be taken as well as why, in clear, economical prose.

Mar 20, Teoh rated it it was amazing.

Counterinsurgency Warfare by David Galula – Praeger – ABC-CLIO

Many people think it impossible for guerrillas to exist for long in the counterinsurgenccy rear. Despite being a rather slim volume consisting of only pages, and reflecting upon a short time-span of counterinsurgency dating from the end of WWII to the early 60s, this is a concisely-written book that can either be scoured in a day or contemplated in a week.

This is a short theoretical essay on counterinsurgency war by an expert with ties to the French military. Views Read Edit View history. Don’t miss upcoming posts, signup for the Newsletter. I first read Colonel Galula’s book many years counterinsuryency, in preparation for my assignment in Vietnam.

Such direct action should only be attempted when the insurgent’s cause in not popular, the counterinsurgent has the legal authority to act, and significant publicity of such action can be prevented. In Aprilhe was captured cuonterinsurgency Chinese Communists during a solo trip into the interior. Nov 11, Eleanore rated it liked it.

This counterinsurggency is highly overrated. Jan 03, Anthony rated it really liked it Recommends it for: In conventional warfare, strength is assessed according to military or other tangible criteria, such as the number of divisions, the position they hold, the industrial resources, etc.


On the other hand, insurgents lack power, but they are much more free to violate both their promises and social norms. Oct 18, prakash tripathi rated it it was amazing.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice – David Galula – Google Books

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Theory and Practice in If there is one thing to learn from the author it is that military might alone cannot defeat an insurgency and that ultimately it is the support of the population that will win the conflict.

A quick and easy read don’t be fooled by how long it took me; Ggalula went through part of it for a paper and then decided recently to read through it’s entirety for anyone interested in insurgency warfare. He does not only theorize but offers practical solutions to most problems facing a counterinsurgent – that is, perhaps, the greatest merit of this book.

The first law is that the population is paramount.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice”

Emphasis has been placed on providing services for the population. Galula resigned his commission in to study in the United Stateswhere he obtained a position of research associate at the Center for International Affairs of Harvard University.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. While important counterinsuurgency “cold” insurgencies, this is the primary activity of counterinsurgents in “hot” insurgencies. Revolutionary War Is a Protracted War. Refresh and try again. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.