Inquisitor Eisenhorn investigates the infernal workings of Chaos and gets drawn into a terrible conspiracy in the complete trilogy from Dan Abnett. READ IT. The Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett is a collection of three novels – Xenos, Malleus, A later omnibus edition contains these three novels and also features two. Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett, , available at Book I actually originally read “Xenos”, the first novel in the trilogy, as a stand alone.

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This is Warhammer, where a light gust of eisenhorb probably has ork spores on it, and they will grow inside you and an ork boy will rip you in half from the inside. By the third, I was forcing myself to finish up and not throw it in the bin. Are you enjoying the current spate of grimdark that fantasy is going through? The cover of Xenos in its intial release.

At what point does using the tactics of the enemy cause him to become that which he is sworn to destroy? Unless, like me, you purchase the audible edition, in which case you have to buy the three book separately.

Eisenhorn (Novel Series) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

One of the best warhammer 40k books i’ve read. Inquisitors are given absolute authority to root out and destroy any and all threats to humanity. For more totally unjustified snark, check out my review blog here! I have a vague memory of hanging out with some friends in elementary school as they rolled some dice and moved around some painted science fiction themed miniatures on a pool table.

This was kind of an experiment. The first novel is the least accessible of the three. If they are, where then does the delineation lie between opposing forces? Besides Eisenhorn of course. A sad but satisfying ending that fits well with the grim dark future setting of the 40k universe.


Eisenhorn Omnibus

No Dues ex machina type endings, not a lot of coincidences that drive me nuts. I’ve just not got the time to go back and pick that up, sorry: While I’m not privy anett to any of I’m full of so many conflicted emotions at this moment, and in many ways, that’s the mark of a great work of fiction.

To ask other readers questions about Eisenhornplease sign up. For qbnett totally unjustifie I am excited. They are awesome, what did you expect?

Planning ahead, investigating, researching, and so on. Howard, mixed it in with some space opera elements, and added a healthy dash of science-becomes-religion, such as found in Dune, shook it all up together, and then had it simmer on a stovetop for a few hours. If I had gotten to the end of Ravenor and not be assured there was more to come I may have ordered an Exterminatus on Nottingham. If you’re looking, however, for something to pass the time, a good adventure in a different time and place, that requires little mental investment on your part, then this would be a good bet.

Stylistically, Gregor is directly talking to the reader.

Eisenhlrn I get into the details of each story, I must say that this omnibus is an absolutely amazing and exciting piece of work. That being toying with the unknown, employing questionable skills and techniques.

Overall it is a really great read. In the grim future of mankind there is only war and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Part of what I really enjoy is the way in which it was founded as a grim satire of the utopian sci-fi eisengorn the early-mid s.


After this we come to Malleusthe Inquisition thinks that Eisenhorn is consorting with daemons and declares him Heretic and Extremis Diabolus. Read it Recomend it. Or maybe the first thing that needs consideration is how all the ensuing events unravelled, delivering Eisenhorn to making decisions whether to sacrifice or not an innocent person?

Michael I began reading this book at least once per year back in and still do. Then over the course of the three books he starts to change and grow.

No pure ice worlds here, nor planets with twenty alien species speaking one language. His organisation is destroyed and is hunted by a man know as Khanjar the Sharp. And a quick note on theme. I’ve always felt that in order to truly defeat an enemy, you must do so without ever resorting to their methods, lest you invite the same wrath you bring upon them someday onto yourself.

Eisenhorn (Eisenhorn, #) by Dan Abnett

Over the course of the novels, Eisenhorn loses almost all his friends and allies by eisenhotn only using the tools of Chaos to fight and defeat Chaos, but by becoming blind to the danger of using them – seen in the change of his relationship to and ultimate dependence upon the daemonhost Cherubael. Gregor is not particularly thrilled by this turn of events. Jun 17, Lauma Lapa rated it it was amazing.

Feb 01, Ben rated it liked it.