A.J. said: I’m closing in on having read all the major atheist books in I am agnostic at best, but I don’t think I would like Dan Barker very much in real life. Dan Barker is the author of Godless ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), Losing Faith in Faith ( avg rating, ratings, 36 quotes from Dan Barker: ‘Scientists do not join hands every Sunday and sing ” Yes gravity is real! I know gravity is real! I will have faith! I believe in my heart.

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I may not have been an evangelical preacher, as the author was, but Barier was about as devout a Mormon as one could be when, in the ’80s and I in my 30s and a mother of sixI came to the painful realization that I did not really believe it all and left my church.

Where would you put Dan Barker on that list? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The agnostic says, ‘I don’t have a knowledge that God exists. I had no problem to the first part of the authors upbringing in Christianity, but it kind of went downhill from Pretty much any criticism that can be found in the Bible is covered here, and I very much enjoyed his personal story. Retrieved September 27, Feb 06, Gina rated it liked it. Daniel Edwin Barker born June 25, is an American atheist activist who served as an evangelical Christian preacher and musician adn 19 years but left Christianity in Through my own soul-searching and extensive research I finally had to admit to myself that I simply did not believe the bible or the Christian religion, or any other batker for that matter, was true.


Guys like Barker are a dime a dozen. He also devotes several chapters to a close examination of the Bible and Christian theology, partly to catalog the contradictions and inconsistency in them.

Dan Barker Quotes (Author of Godless)

I dsn skipped the rants against biblical genocide. I repeated the questionstressing the first word: For other people named Daniel Barker, see Daniel Barker disambiguation.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I’m an avid reader and I can honestly say that this is one of the best books ever written about this topic. Unlike most books written by atheists, Dan was the real-deal fundamentalist Christian.

The second part of the book is his arguments 1. Want to Read Currently Reading Govless.

Dan Barker (Author of Godless)

If goxless like thinking about the consequences of this kind of thing you’ll love the book. I didn’t end up finishing the book.

It was a gradual process that took five or six years.

If he’d skipped them, the book would not have suffered, since the book is half autobiographical anyway. Good use of scripture 6. He was Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron rolled into one. The most eloquent witness Finally, Dan discusses his Supreme Court case and the state dam atheism in America today.

Dan Barker

Not a deep book, but entertaining and worthwhile. On the outside everything was OK and everybody was looking to him for Christian leadership and teaching, but on the inside the certainty of his faith was shifting dramatically.


Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and the rest, but this stands out as it is written by someone who was deeply involved in religion for much of his life. It is accepted that this was a copying error, possibly due to a damaged manuscript, but argued by inerrantists batker the original was inerrant.

He no longer beliefs the silliness and cannot fully reproduce it. The attempts to put together a coherent resurrection account was particularly concise and effective.

When he criticizes Christianity, things get a bit more complicated. DennettJulia Sweeneyand Michael Newdow. Overall, I give this book four stars because I relate to it so much. You are full of pride and are putting yourself above God.

But I truly do wish Christians would read more than just “Christian literature. Barker does a great of job of letting the reader inside, to how he once was and how he is today.

I wish more Christians would read this. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is the pretense that faith equals meaning. I did not lose my faith — I gave it up purposely. His painfully abbreviated list of bible contradictions is illuminating.

If life is eternal, then life is cheap. Retrieved August 18, Godless 5, ratings Open Preview See a Problem? I was not reassured let me tell you.