Ground Zero (Deadlands: The Weird West Dime Novels, PEG)) [Shane Lacy Hensley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deadlands: Perdition’s Daughter, Deadlands: Independence Day, Night Train ( Deadlands), Strange Bedfellows (Deadlands Dime Novel, #4), Savage Passage . DIME NOVEL – FROSTBITE. 2. Prologue. Most manitous were bound into the Hunting. Grounds by the sacrifice of the Old Ones at the end of the Great Spirit War.

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Adds rules for oversized land, air and sea rigs, as well as trains, including the required troop cards, upgrade cards and counters.

Deadlands Dime Novel Series by Shane Lacy Hensley

Under a Harrowed Moon: Ted marked it as to-read Aug 05, These are the fourth, fifth, and six stories in the series, and the only trilogy in the group. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Savage Worlds adventures come in two formats – Savage Tales, which are designed as standalone adventures, and Plot Point campaigns, which are looser in design and made up of a series of self-contained adventures which link together and build to a climax over time, with the intention that smaller events be woven throughout at the GM’s discretion.

Matt rated it liked it Jan 30, Rigel rated it really liked it Oct 22, Other books in the series.

Thom marked it as to-read Dec 21, Ronan finds himself aboard the legendarily haunted Night Train. The Wild West setting. The Great Rail Wars. Notebook for players to keep notes on their adventures, as well as a set of expanded character sheets. Part Part of a series of books based on the weird western role playing game, “Deadlands”.

Noshrok Grimskull rated it it was amazing Sep 17, The original Deadlands system used a custom set of rules and was published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Strange Bedfellows, Savage Passage, and Ground Zero These are the fourth, fifth, and six stories in the series, and the only trilogy in the group. Night Train This is the third of the stories, and it introduces us to our first Mad Scientist who is mostly a comedic character.


Deadlands Dime Novel Series (PDF Bundle)

Inge Dahl marked it as to-read Jul 23, Skip to content So deadlnds I finished reading the nine Dime Novels that were part of the Deadlands Classic kickstarter. In nnovels this might be my second favorite of the adventures in this series. The following are the rulebooks and expansions published for the game. A top Agency operative, known only as the Ghost, is kidnapped from Gomorrah, and the posse track him down. Mike rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Information on a conspiracy amongst a number of Deadlands villains, including Black River, the Bayou Vermillion, and the Whateley family.

So yesterday I finished reading the nine Dime Novels that were part of the Deadlands Classic kickstarter.

This is the last of the Dime Novelsand a good conclusion to the series. Includes deadkands tie-in scenario for Deadlands: Published January 1st by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

A Dime Novel – In a small town on Mount Frostbite, the posse must solve a series of murders which may lead back to an old evil in the town’s history. Anyway without giving anything away here are my thoughts on the different Dime Novels. In this case the group has to find out what is killing the customers of a automated carriage service in Deseret. Extra copies of the unit cards in the original boxed set, as well as blank troop cards for creating new units.

This is the second of the stories and in it we get a second reoccurring character, and we get to see the main character learn more about what he is. The Great Rail Wars! An adventure in the Utah Salt Flats which pits the players against the crew of a haunted Spanish Galleon. I’m an award-winning, New York Times-bestselling author and game designer and happily married father of five, including a set of quadruplets.


Boxed set including maps and a rulebook detailing the labyrinth of chasms that was once California, an adventure, and rules for martial arts characters.

Want to Read saving…. Includes expanded rules for shaman characters as well as extensive new detail on The Agency and the Texas Rangers, as well as several self contained Savage Tales, one of which deadlanvs a Reloaded conversion of the classic Deadlands adventure Night Train.

Ronan must ally with a pack of werewolves against a common foe in an official crossover with White Wolf’s Werewolf: This was a nice story and the thing that I liked most about the adventure is that it covered events that are hinted at in a Lost Sons Savage Tale.

Hell on Earth ; a list of the publications for this setting can be found here.

As is always the case I liked some of them better than others, but I found that all of them were pretty good, though some of them I was less interested in as adventures. It requires the original Savage Worlds rulebook to use. Skinners This is the second to last of the stories in the series and my hands down favorite.

Maps and information on seven minor towns around the Weird West, as well as rules and tools for quickly creating new towns on the fly. Includes a scenario for Deadlands: Adios Amigo This is the second cross-over story and the eighth in the series.