The Nature of Jade [Deb Caletti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A beautifully rendered coming-of-age story from the National Book. Grade 9 Up–Seventeen-year-old Jade DeLuna suffers from panic attacks brought on by realizations of her own mortality. In addition to therapy and prescribed. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up–Seventeen-year-old Jade is a : Nature of Jade eBook: Deb Caletti: Kindle Store.

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It is about growing up, breaking away from family, finding true love and making yourself happy. But one thing helps Jade through her illness- visiting elephants jadee a local zoo, only blocks away.

The whole time, Jade makes these comparisons with the elephants she works with, and the lines between human and animal are blurred. When I finished this book I cried so hard not knowing what I would read next. Jade goes through life averagly.

The Nature of Jade

I wanted to like this book. However, I was confused by the ending. I have never worked with elephants.

She finds the elephants most mesmerizing and calming, which help her with her disorder. Mar 31, Gabby Harrell rated it it was amazing. However, there are some parts the actual dialogue it was so very boring, and weird!! Jade’s time with the elephants at the zoo was also a unique part of the book ceb I liked.


The Nature of Jade « Deb Caletti

Try it that way. Hardcoverpages. It was easy to empathize, really — almost too easy. As Jade monitors the jad cam from her own room and also spends time with the elephants at the zoo, she notices that a young man with a small child frequently comes to observe the elephants. This debilitating condition causes her to fear anything new and question her own instincts about what is good for her, and what is dangerous.

If you have to apologize and make excuses for what you are about to write being oc, don’t write it. I am not my illness. And Sebastian turns out to be the perfect guy except for the nagging doubts that she can’t shake.

The whole Tiffanys Parents Custody thing, the whole time I was like, Tiffanys–Bo’s mother–had no right to have custody over him, because she never cared once. Not because it was a sad book, but because I hated to end such a satisfying and well-written one.

Book review: ‘The Nature of Jade’ by Deb Caletti

Overall, this is a book I waited way natrue long to read. Jade was more of a mother to him that Tiffany had ever been. Anyways I relate to Jade because I have the same problem as her.

Jade is so intrigued by the young man and the toddler that she volunteers at the zoo’s elephant park. Is this one of those books? The love interest, this boy Sebastian, was just so bland. Not that I found Sebastian to be a truly bad dude or anything, but what was he kade drawing Jade into this whole disaster?


Jade’s got other complications as well: I read another review where someone said that they could read about these thw forever and I have to agree with that. Does he really only own one shirt? I read some of the negative reviews of this before I picked it up, so I noticed flaws I might no My sister highly recommended this to me, but I just didn’t like it anywhere near as much as she did.

The Nature of Jade Book Review

Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now. This book is written about Jade, a girl with a panic disorder. Continue reading Show less. Can’t there be any surprises!?!

Especially when she learns he is on the run from his son’s mother. In the end Jade learns calrtti we are all connected together whether it be people and people or people and animals.