Whereas, after repeal of the Defence Housing Authority Lahore Ordinance Lahore (“DHA Order”) and other rules and regulations of the Authority shall also be. Chohan Estate. Latest Defence DHA Lahore Building Byelaws before Constructing authority keeps amending construction. Latest news and updates about real estate sector in DHA Lahore and Pakistan. Property tax and development news.

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For the terrace, the fence cannot be higher than 6 feet and needs to have louvers. The 15 feet and 9 inches deep open space along the front of the house is considered the lawn.

November 3, at 9: If you want to add something to the information I have shared above, use the comment section below. This is because most of the time hired contractors and architects take care of the matter. The minimum area for the living room has to be sq ft, with the width or length no less than 9 feet.

November lqhore, at 1: Covered area section 24, item 10 of dha bylaws states that clear space can be covered for car porch.

Please note that a certain portion of a 1-kanal house must remain uncovered on all four sides. January 5, at 9: September 28th, by Samra Zulfiqar.

September 28, at The width of this lawn depends on the dimensions of the plot and width of the garage.


Remodelling your kitchen to enhance functionality Subscribe For Daily Blog Alert. And there you go … all the important information you need to know before building your 1-kanal home in DHA Lahore, now at your fingertips.

Be it a 1-kanal house or a marla house, Bulaws Lahore homes cannot have a bedroom smaller than 10 sq ft. Use this insight when you sit down with your architect so that you can come up with the most functional, imaginative, and beautiful house! A brief guide to hardwood bylawz So are you familiar with these rules that make this society such a desirable place to live?

According to the bylaws, the minimum width of garage in a 1-kanal house has to be 10 feet.

DHA Lahore Building Bylaws 2009-2010

November 3, at This basement can be as big as the ground floor, minus the garage area, and the height of the ceiling must be between 9 and 10 feet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address bylsws not be published. Do Not Send Email Notifications. This effective implementation gives developed phases an unrivalled symmetry, making sure that the perfectly aligned houses, parks, lanes, commercial markets and greenbelts leave a lasting impression.

Along the front of the house, the empty space has to be at least 15 feet and 9 inches deep, while the side and back alleys have to be at least 5 feet and 4.

Residential properties are only allowed to have a single storey basement.


DHA Lahore Building Bylaws | eProperty®

A double unit house has a full-fledged and functional first floor with at least a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a formal drawing room. So what are the technicalities you must keep in mind before you start building your 1-kanal home? June 9, at 9: The boundary wall cannot lajore higher than 7 feet. March 13, at 5: Furthermore, the sunken area of the basement cannot be more than 2. DHA Lahore is one of the few housing societies where building bylaws are followed very strictly.

Tips for smartly planning a house expansion All rooms must be well-lit and ventilated. Yes, lahroe can install a security fence on this, but this cannot exceed a foot in height. November 8, at In lahoge cases, this is considered too narrow since the main entrance of the house mostly opens in to the garage. This area includes the porch as well. November 7, at Out of the 4, sq ft that make up 1 kanal, not more than 2, sq ft can be covered on the ground floor.

Designing an energy-efficient home The depth of garage cannot be less than 12 feet or more than 18 feet.