36 quotes from Diary of a Drug Fiend: ‘Having to talk destroys the symphony of silence.’. It’s not quite as much fun to write a review when it seems everyone is basically in agreement. Crowley was not as evil as folklore suggests, and he was a lot more. Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If you are interested in the.

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The sense of our superiority to mankind was constantly present. We have all of us a subconscious intuition 48 The Diary of a Drug Fiend that this druy the case; and this is annihilated by cocaine. It is perhaps a bit bulky for its mere pages, but I suppose that means the paper is relatively high quality. While the first two sections are quite realistic in exploring the life of a drug addict, and the destruction that this life causes, the third section is diarry about how they overcome their addiction, clean up, and go on to live fruitful lives, but rather how through sheer will, they learn to control the drug, and the use the drug as it is supposed to be used.

The prose, while remarkable, is perhaps just a smidgen turgid and Victorian—or perhaps Edwardian—for modern tastes, but suffers not greatly for that as it well fits the period of the story, which is presented in three sections parallel to Dantethough reordered: They slipped up a fortnight one way or the other—I never can remember which— as long as you know what I mean.


I suppose it is on the same principle as the old kings used to keep fools and dwarfs to amuse them.

Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

Even amid the roar, I heard her singing back. Yet the man had a mind for all that. Before all things, decorum!

We went together slowly up the beach. I was not impressed, frankly, with Mrs. Rage boiled in my heart. I had become insane with dull, harsh lust. If there be a doubt, freedom ought to be given the benefit. His life is a watch or a vision, Between a sleep drub a sleep!

Nov 09, Dada Vinci rated it it was amazing. This will show him! I wanted her to adore me for my little scraps of knowledge ; the fragments I had picked up in my abandoned education. I knew instinctively that the 35 Over the Top! Crowley suddenly leaves these slightly disgusting surroundings, and removes his young people to a wondrous place of treatment mainly by addresses and incantation.

Diary of a Drug Fiend

I was her Pasha- with-three-tails, her Samurai warrior, her gorgeous Maharaja, with a scimitar across my knee, ready to cut her head fiiend at the first excuse. Coleridge took it, and Clive—all sorts of important people.

  AQV 414 PDF

Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. You may find yourself feeling his pain and cynicism as you read through this masterpiece. Probably anything else would have done just as well.

The Diary of a Drug Fiend –

It is a terrible story; but it is also a story of hope and of beauty. But the main point of interest is to picture all of this happening in the 20’s.

Lou, Lou, perfect sweetheart! A shrill-voiced Danish siren, the proprietress, was screaming abuse at one of her professional entertainers —some long, sordid, silly story of sexual jealousy, I suppose. Lou, however, was radiant about it. Only instead of bathing you in philosophical inertia, you are as keen as mustard on carrying out your ideas. Peters fru Lous sanna vilja visar sig vara att vara Peters fru.

He said Hutchinson or Collins.

She spoke to me for the first time.