Diccionario de Nombres Propios (Spanish Edition). Amelie Nothomb. 2, ratings by Goodreads. ISBN / ISBN Published. Diccionario de Nombres Propios (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Amelie Nothomb ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Otros: Amelie nothomb. diccionario de nombres propios. anagrama primera edicion.

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La novela toca temas como el suicidio y la anorexia. Plectrude was born in prison since her mother killed her father: The girl, Lucette carrying a baby of 8 months, rubs her belly and wish that soon she will have a baby that interest in the idea of becoming a dancer. Luckily Plectrude has an inner strength which allows her to ce the threats most of the time and survive.

The mother committed suicide soon after. When the decalcification resulting from her diet causes her bones to become dangerously brittle, Pectrude has to give up dance, but is rescued from despair by the re-entry of nombrew man of her pre-pubescent dreams.

There are so many little moments of brilliancy that made me scream YES in my head and aloud as well. Was macht unser Name mit uns? Who dies at the end and why is for you to find out. What a pointless book. She has a very unique set of eyes, dr what they call as ‘eyes of a dancer’.

After birth and naming, she commits suicide and Plectrude is raised by her aunt. In this case, it makes for an inconsistent, flat story. She used the French Minitel, while he used the Italian Videotel system, connected with the French one.


Nor can one forget the magnificent metafictional twist that concludes the novel. Nothomb is a tough cookie to fathom.

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Plectrude fate lies with Lucette’s sister, Nombrrs. The teachers praise her for her thinness, the other dancers envy her. Please add page numbers 2 12 Feb 28, Und trotzdem, Plectrude schafft es sich wieder aufzurappeln ob es wohl am Namen liegt? If you are wondering about a possible intertextual reference to the real Saint Plectrude that could help elucidate the meaning of the novel, no connection.

Both consummate and the girl pregnant, too soon by age but ripe enough with diccionarrio idea.

The Book of Proper Names

She is lazy pdopios idle, yet gets hailed as a genius and high flyer at school. The idea of Plectrude, of what her name destined for her, seemed more important than the girl herself.

The story had potential, but it left me with question marks, looks like a draft. Since then, she has published approximately one novel per year with a. A charming parable of childhood as nothonb magical time that, it seems, must end when hormones begin to take charge.

Mathieu Saladin fue un personaje tibio, desarrollado incluso menos que Clementine, que Roselyne, que Denis. Be the first to ask a question about The Book of Proper Names.


There are still plot devices that can easily infuriate the reader, e. This is a pointed critique of a culture – in this case western girlhood and its relentless emphasis on beauty and romance.

That could have been developed into a much more powerful novel, but then Nothomb has to go and ruin it with e I often find Nothomb a little bit too keen to shock. Plectrude is born in jail where her young mother awaits judgment for killing her equally young husband. Once you’ve managed to get somewhat into the story, it’s over.


Nineteen year old Nombes murders her husband, not because he was bad, but becuase he was mediocre. They never met personally. I finished this in one subway round trip plus 5 minutes – a lovely little book! Aber das spielt auch gar keine Rolle, denn ich war gefesselt und wurde wunderbar unterhalten. Famed author, intriguing title.

: Amelie Nothomb: Books

She is a quite, dreamlike child. Martin’s Press first published January 1st Nothomb’s sweet yet incisive study of childhood turns into theory of ballet, the psychology of characters is subject to drastic changes, observations from childhood are mixed with ruminations on Moliere’s The Misanthrope and the author indulges in moralizing in an incongruous metafictional context.

Maybe it was the quality noombres the translation, but I doubt it. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. The protagonist of the story is a girl proopios Plectrude, s ” But being ten years old is the best thing that can happen to a human being.