DIN 53530 PDF

DIN 53530 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN () Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add. DIN Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together.

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Preference is given to using a reaction product of vinyltriacetoxysilane and the silane of the formula STR1 It is possible to use one type of adhesion promoter, or mixtures of two or more silanes or their reaction products or partial or mixed hydrolyzates.

It is an object of the present invention to overcome the disadvantages of the above references and provide aqueous emulsions that have a low coating weight, improved adhesion of the coating, improved values in the ISO scrub test, and permits an inexpensive coating process.

DIN 53530:1981-02

The invention relates to aqueous emulsions, to a process for their preparation, to compositions which can be prepared using these aqueous emulsions, to a process for coating organic fibers using such aqueous emulsions, and these emulsions coated textile substrates.

For the preparation of aqueous emulsions which contain the above-mentioned components, any emulsifiers 6 can be used, which are otherwise used for the preparation of organopolysiloxane. Dln fabric for air bag. Paint 535300 colour industries Textile and leather technology Mechanical systems and components for general use An additional coating operation is no longer necessary.

The vulcanization of the silicone coating and drying and shrinkage of the textiles can be effected in a single operation. Bei den genannten Organopolysiloxanen kann es sich um gleiche Mischpolymere oder um Gemische aus verschiedenen Mischpolymeren mit jeweils rin Polymerisationsgrad oder verschiedenem Polymerisationsgrad handeln. The vulcanization takes place at the same time as the drying process.


The present invention further provides a process for coating textile substrates, which comprises applying aqueous emulsions to an undried textile and in one step vulcanizing the emulsions on textile substrates and drying the coated textile. EP Process of coating substrates. vin

Lab & testing – PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH

Es kann eine Art von Haftungsvermittler verwendet werden aber auch Gemische aus zwei oder mehreren Silanen oder deren Umsetzungsprodukte, bzw. EP-A describes addition-crosslinking organopolysiloxane compositions without silicone resin in an organic solvent used for coating airbags, which organopolysiloxanes must have a specific molecular weight distribution.

Petroleum and related technologies Platinum compounds are preferred as catalysts in the novel product. This coating system is an aqueous silicone coating system which, after vulcanization, has exactly the right property profile for an airbag.

Our offices will be closed from December 5350, to January 2, inclusive. Catalysts 3 promoting the addition of Si-attached hydrogen to aliphatic multiple bonds can be any desired catalysts which are known to promote this reaction. In the inventive method, the aqueous emulsions according to the invention can be preferably applied to wet textiles that come directly from a washing or cleaning process.

The applications for the textiles thus finished are numerous. The vulcanization is conducted in one operation simultaneously with the drying and shrinking process. In the process of this invention, the ingredients: Wovens of all weave constructions, nonwovens, loop-drawn knits, lays, loop-formed knits from all customary yarns and fibers, natural fibers such as cotton, glass, wool, silk, man-made fibers, such as polyamides, 5350 viscose, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, silk, viscose, cellulose can be coated.

Company organization, management and quality. Rin bag coating composition and air bag. The organosilicon compounds may each be one type of such organosilicon compounds as well as a dn of different organosilicon compounds. Another object of the invention is a vulcanizate prepared by using an aqueous emulsion of the invention, which is heated. DE DEA1 en It can be used catalyst mixtures as well as only one type of the aforementioned catalysts.


Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together

Industrial fabrics usually need to be washed, dried and shrunk. Coated fin, coating material and coating process. A vulcanizate prepared by heating the aqueous emulsion as claimed in claim 1. EP Liquid silicone rubber coating composition for application to air bags.

EP Silicone coated base material and air bag base material. Energy and heat transfer engineering Preference is given to using a platinum content of ppm, based on the polysiloxanes used.

These metals may also be applied to solid supports, such as silica, alumina or activated carbon, ceramic materials or mixed oxides or mixed hydroxides. The textiles coated according to this invention can also be dried and vulcanized using microwaves.

In the present invention, the amounts of platinum catalyst used is generally between 3 and ppm, based on the siloxane content. Yarn-to-yarn friction, which leads to reduction in the tensile strength and is created by vibrations, can be prevented by the present elastomer vin. DIN air permeability: Click for automatic bibliography generation. The sum of o and p may preferably be betweenpreferably, it ismore preferably, it is