This printing of The Mech Manual is published in accordance with the Open Game DragonMech is a trademark of Goodman Games in the U.S. and/or other . Author: unknown. Please edit this page and add it. (add |author=) Publisher: White Wolf Publishing/Sword & Sorcery Studios. Release Date: unknown. Please . I’m not much into mech either: about So with a -7 penalty, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Dragonmech. I had driven about an hour to get to the.

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Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th Drayonmech, The heart of the book is the mech rules themselves, which can support mechs so big that they are called “cities.

To be fair, though, Goodman makes it abundantly clear that the intention is not at all to draw a similarity to Battletech and Robotech. This caused all sorts of problems as few races could withstand the bombardment.

Clerics and Paladins find that they occasionally simply don’t receive the magic usually granted by their hosts, as the gods are weakened or at least kept busy by the war. Last edited by awesomessake; at What I did not like: The major new class mechanic is steam powers.

Dragonmech Mech Manual

And Nedderpik is no small thing, its touted as the second city-mech ever built. DragonMech DragonMech is a campaign setting for d20 system fantasy, prominently featuring giant robot-like constructs. I’m in the opposite camp as far as the artwork goes, though: I found the Hydraulic Armor to be a very cool concept. Doom Stiders Bastion had some interesting ideas powering it, but the mechanical execution was manul enough that it never got played in this neck of the woods.


They gain some steam powers as coglayers do but slower as well as enhancements to their personal abilities as they replace parts. In the background of the artwork near the topthere is a mech fighting off a giant worm.

Thursday, 22nd April, I remember deciding to skip certain parts once I got clueless, flipped to other parts of the book to read what exactly a city-mech was and if it was exactly what I thought it was. Or more correctly; Spoiler. The good news is that details are included that range from labor and material cost, to what the skill DC is to successfully create them. Goodman claims that rather than the sleek Anime style, these should remind the player of large Gutenberg presses, clunky furnaces and the black soot of the Industrial Revolution.

DragonMech Mech Manual – D&D Wiki

I’ll explain why in my review below. Highpoint, describing the continent high relative elevation, which gives it an advantage over other continents assailed by the sea.

The campaign is thus set in a period of recovery and rediscovery of the surface world. It’s way outside his normal zone.

DragonMech: Mech Manual PDF

This is where the “mech” of Dragonmech comes in. This forces a mass exodus for the underworld and the poor dwarves are the first to stand in line against the refugees. No disrespect to Goodman, but the campaign world seemed like it was created as a vehicle pardon the pun for the mechs. The advanced mecha of Japanese anime have no bearing on Dragonmech.


To be fair, Goodman makes it very clear that there are numerous styles of campaigns that can be run.

DRAGONMECH – MECH Manual – d20 Sword & Sorcery – Excellent Shape – $ | PicClick

The Mech Manual is a source of endless adventure ideas, whether based on the stories behind these new mechs or the unique NPCs who pilot them. Monday, 5th July, See here for more. I get what you’re trying to say.

Joseph includes a nice selection of details to help the GM run mechs. If you have ever run Battletech games before, then you will not overly feel like a stranger when playing in Dragonmech.

Maybe mentioning it should help. The city mechs, in particular, are located in flatlands near the dwarven lands in which they were first forged. The creatures chapter in significant, weighing in at 25 pages. So how does piloting a mech actually work? In Battletech, the lasers and high tech weapons are the “magic” items.