UN/ECE R transposition. • Informal document to GRPE january • Need to update Regulation 49 for «Euro VI requirements». • Informal document . Download/Embed scientific diagram | ECE R49 mode cycle used for automotive from publication: Automotive test drive cycles for emission measurement and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , Y. Xu and others published Comparison between ECE R49 and ESC test cycles for heavy-duty vehicle.

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Services on Demand Article. There is also an interrelation between FBP, density and sulfur content because of their tendency to concentrate more in heavy fractions, which has made it very difficult to evaluate the individual influence of each on PM emissions. In case of a dual-fuel engine, the engine family shall also comply with the additional requirements of paragraph 3.

Acceptable Exhaust system volume: Exhaust gas recirculation EGR: Number ede OBD engine families within the engine family considered when ensuring the correct operation of NO x control measures.

By fuel injection positive ignition only: The manufacturer shall ensure that the emissions test results comply with the applicable limit value under the test conditions specified in this Regulation. Technical requirements for diesel-gas dual-fuel engines and vehicles.

If the crankcase is of an open type, the emissions shall be measured and added to the tailpipe emissions, following the provisions set out in paragraph 6. Make and type of pressure regulator. Choice of the parent engine The parent engine of the family shall f49 selected in accordance with the requirements set out in paragraph 5. Additionally, the results of the tests shall be reported to that Contracting Party and the approval authorities.


Other parameters of d49 quality that influence PM emissions or black smoke are cetane number, density and aromatic content, which is not normally specified.

The requirements of paragraph 6. Type state percentage of oil in mixture if lubricant and fuel mixed.

Emission Test Cycles: ECE R49

If the Type Approval Authority which granted the original type approval establishes that no agreement can be reached, it shall take the necessary measures, including, where necessary, the withdrawal of type approval, to ensure that production vehicles, systems, components or separate technical units, as the case may be, are brought into conformity with the approved type.

The tests may be carried out on engines that have been run-in, up to a maximum of hours.

The manufacturer shall submit to the technical service responsible for the type approval tests an engine representative of the type to be approved. Adjustable load curve dynamometer setting information if used. Would you like to keep them?

Pass decision number A n. An approval number shall be assigned to each type approved. On request rce a Type Approval Authority, the Type Approval Authority that granted the original type approval shall provide the necessary information about the type approval to enable testing in accordance with the procedure set out r94 Annex 8.


In addition, diesel fuel with and ppm sulfur contents were obtained at the Pilot Plant by hydro-treating the commercial diesel fuel. The results of PM emission for commercial diesel 0. Installation on the vehicle 7. This result coincides with the ede operation of the engine with this fuel.

Description of the system e. Extension to include a new engine system into an engine-family 7.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The approval granted in respect of an engine or vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements laid down in paragraph 8. CO 2 emissions mass emission d: The production is deemed to conform if this engine meets the requirements of the tests described in Annex 9B. The Reagent quality and consumption “phase-in” requirements as set out in paragraphs 7. When appropriate, manufacturer reference of the Documentation for installing in a vehicle the systems to ensure the correct operation of NO x control measures.

Effect of reducing sulfur content. Additional marking are permitted. If lack of space prevents such labelling, a simplified code may be used. The Type Approval Authority shall examine the confirmatory test report supplied by the manufacturer. An extended documentation package that shall remain confidential.