Configuring ejabberd – Introduction – Installing ejabberd -. XMPP clients & bots – Ejabberd Rest API – Extending ejabberd. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code.

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ejabberd developer guide | ejabberd Docs

Example content for the roster file:. Provide the delay in seconds, and the announcement quoted, for example: If an occupant tries to change ejabverd presence more often than the specified interval, the presence is cached by ejabberd and only the last presence is broadcasted to all occupants in the room after expiration of the interval delay.

This is the default value when no IP is specified. With the first value, the local time, as reported to Erlang by the operating system, will be used. This option specifies who is allowed to administrate the Multi-User Chat service.

The policy for incoming and outgoing s2s connections to other XMPP servers. When this module is enabled ejabberd responds correctly to ping requests, as defined in the protocol.

Administration API reference

Comma separated list of languages chosen from ejabbdrd, perl, xmlrpc, json that will have example invocation include in markdown document Result: You should avoid frequent cache clearance, because this degrades performance. DNS resolving retries in seconds.


Allows chatroom logging to HTML. To specify which pubsub node plugins to use.

Strophe Architecture of an ejabberd service ejabberd brings configurability, scalability and fault-tolerance to the core feature of XMPP — routing messages.

This is the default value. The returning value odcumentation ignored Module: Host is a string and Port is a non negative integer.

At startup, ejabberd sorts the certificates, finds matching private keys and rebuilds full certificates chains. XML storage element Result: We have started adding documentation we had on various places on documfntation single documentation site: Usually, such messages are either bounced or resent.

The default value is truewhich mean that nofollow attributes will be added to user submitted links. When this option is not defined, no restriction is applied.

Allowed values are subdirs and plain. Name of the old erlang node newnodename:: Type of messages to delete chat, groupchat, all days:: This was the traditional encryption method in the early Jabber software, commonly on port for client-to-server communications. Uploaded files are stored below the directory specified as an absolute path with this option.

The good news is that you can now fork the documentation site and join the effort. The option syntax is: These patterns can have the following special characters: Stateful modules While some modules don’t need to maintain an ejabbwrd state “stateless” modulesothers are required to do this “stateful” modules.


The list of affiliations with username, domain, affiliation and reason Examples: The time zone for the logs is configurable with this option. This option is set to by default.

Allowed values are local and universal. Filename of erlang source file to compile Result: Creating password protected rooms.

ejabberd XMPP Server

This option defines the maximum number of characters that Odcumentation ID can have when creating a new room. This example shows the basic usage of a macro: The function returns a new accumulator value. In the example above, the sat-pubsub.

Rooms will be created after restart. Such a file could be created with the command openssl dhparam -out dh. The recommended minimum is 32 bits.