El conde Belisario – Robert Graves (7).epub – Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. Up to 90% off Textbooks at Amazon Canada. Plus, free two-day shipping for six months when you sign up for Amazon Prime for Students. Count Belisarius has ratings and reviews. William2 said: Robert Graves’s sources for Count Belisarius include some of the great historical work.

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I generally keep my favorite books on bookshelf display. Very readable and evocative of a time and place long gone now. He pulled out a cheap paperback One evening, towards the beginning of secondary school, I was robeet in front of the desk in an alcove off the living room above which roberg most of my father’s displayed books on long shelves reaching from wall to wall.

At crucial times in Belisarius’ military belixario that friendship is the only thing that kept him from being completely ostracized from court, if not worse, as Justinian grew to fear Belisarius as a potential rival.

In addition to writing my favorite poem of all time – The Foreboding. His example makes for a very interesting contrast with Justinian.

By the halfway mark I graes myself skimming, and I read the rest of the book in that fashion, hoping it would grab me again at some point, but it never really did. The book, supposedly written by his wife’s eunuch Eugenius, follows his campaigns in Rome and Northern Africa, chronicling the court intrigues and jealousies that prevent him xonde winning the glories that Although not quite the masterpiece that both of the Claudius novels are, Count Belisarius is a great read, and brings the period, the 6th century C.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. That rhetorical device does not measure up to what Graves accomplishes in the Claudius books which are narrated in the first person by Claudius himself, who happens to be a simpleton.

Massacres are ordered over divergent grages on the nature of the trinity. It is Orthodoxy against Arians, Monophysites, Donatists, Manichaeans, and a mass of other sects who are all arguing about the nature of God, of Christ, and the overall sanctity of the Holy Spirit, nitpicking and allowing the strength of the Orthodox Church get in the way of everything.

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Count Belisarius by Robert Graves

Count Belisarius though ultimately sinks under the weight of history. I had never readso I took advantage of the mis-delivery and read what was delivered. Biographers document the story well. He pulled out a cheap paperback edition of Count Belisarius probably because he knew that I was taking Latin I and particularly interested in Greco-Roman history.

I knew the “golden ages” of Greece and Rome pretty well, even a lot of confused stuff about the Roman Republic, but affairs of the Constantinopolitan sixth century empire of Justinian, indeed the whole period between Constantine and the, shudder, Dark Ages were terra incognita.

The characters, however, are so ridiculously fl The story is fun and pulpy, reaching a climax of downright addictive during Belisarius’ initial conquests in Italy. What was most interesting about the book, though, was Graves’ concentration on questions of defense, and the problems associated with martial preparation and national identity in a large and rapidly crumbling multiethnic empire.

Although not quite the masterpiece that both of the Claudius novels are, Count Belisarius is a great read, and brings the period, the 6th century C. The unquestioning faith Belisarius placed in the pathetic little wretch Justinian as god’s appointed ruler, was soul-crushing and maddening. Insomma, un bel disastro che un uomo solo era quasi riuscito ad arginare, per finire sconfitto dalle gelosie e dagli intrighi di corte.

Written by Robert Graves and published inone of my father’s favorite books, and nothing could be better that. As he was nearby and I was looking for something interesting to read, I asked his recommendation.

But the indignation roused by this portrait of irredeemably weak and c Irredeemable Corruption and Unwavering Loyalty: A book offering their perspectives could have really flown.

Nov 30, Christan rated it really liked it. Belisarius’ life story very much intersects the story of Justinian’s efforts to restore western Europe to the eastern empire. He wrote translations of Greek and Latin works, literary criticism, and nonfiction works on many other topics, including mythology and poetry.

El Conde Belisario – Robert Graves – Google Books

Una lettura non facile, ma consigliata agli amanti del genere e del periodo storico in questione. I find it difficult to work up a self-righteous rage over anything anymore; it’s too easy to become eel to atrocity and hypocrisy when you’re bombarded by examples of it every time you glance at a monitor.


May 15, Mark Newton rated it really liked it. In a perverse sense, however, it is also admirable. I knew little more than you can glean from the blurb on the dust cover of the book. During the early s Graves began to suffer from increasingly severe memory loss, and by his eightieth birthday in he had come to the end of his working life. Jan 26, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, don’t be surprised gravez the amount of energy and time devoted to discussion of theological minutiae, which appears to have been tied with chariot racing for the national obsession.

The first few chapters introduced the characters and gave them personalities in broad strokes.

The first bits of intrigue don’t begin until p. But you need deep pockets, the production values mean they are rarely cheap. An honest and principled man, who reconquered Rome and Carthage with a miniscule force, and died, according to legend, a blind beggar, fallen to the intrigues of the Byzantine court. I wanted to read it because I liked the lethal palace intrigue so abundant in I, Belisqrio. Un impero che belisaro fa acqua da tutte le parti: Graves writes in the style of Classical authors.

Driven by jealousy, the Emperor then sent him off on a suicide mission in North Africa of no real strategic value, only to discover that a very real threat was surfacing much closer to home.

Count Belisarius

Sep 28, EisNinE rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 20, Caroline rated it it was amazing. An excellent book, but is an acquired taste.

View all 4 comments. Niet het boek dat ik verwachtte, maar desalniettemin wel interessant.