Emil Cioran Caderea in Timp. 61 likes. Book. Emil Cioran Caderea in Timp. Privacy · Terms. About. Emil Cioran Caderea in Timp. Book. 61 people like this. “Dupa ce a stricat adevarata eternitate, omul a cazut in timp, unde a izbutit, daca nu sa prospere, cel putin sa traiasca: sigur e ca s-a obisnuit cu noua lui conditie. Search results for “emil cioran” at Rakuten Kobo. Read free Ispita de a exista ebook by Emil Cioran. Ispita de a exista Căderea în timp ebook by Emil Cioran.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Iar raportul dintre intensitatea acestor revelatii si indoiala din care sunt construite adevarurile este chiar piatra filozofala a acestei poezii.

Carte ,,Caderea in timp” – Discutii non-IT – Romanian Security Team

Reflexivitatea poemelor nu e, din aceasta perspective, decit un fel de penitenta atitudinala, o hieratizare a afectelor violente. Va analizzato, compreso, capito, metabolizzato e anche vissuto, da un certo punto di vista.

Tjmp Heavens of the Rusted Creations Dawn squandered by the Passions, are on sale on the bitter and poor street, of the Wisdom. Broken flagstones Raining with horizons, of, Divine Light, over the vault of the soul, of beginning, of, world, of the eternity of the Moment. Viata noastra, se lamenteaza poetul in Feline Exist enti ale: Catedrale de patimi, stau aprinse pe rugul intclepciunilor incendiate, din fumul carora se c lades tc arena Descrtaciunii.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want fioran read. Trifoi fara Foi emmil Armasari de vorbe-n vant, alearga vcstcj iti haotic, cautand Libertatea, in descrtul fara de margini al Victii, luata in sclavie de Moarte, inca de la inceputurile Vremurilor.

Clay bells of the Salvation, they became the mud of the thoughts, for to be kneaded into bricks, used at the foundations of the temples, of, the Alienation from us, what will become, the Future without of luck, already lost, at rigged roulette of daderea Religion.

Wooden crosses, rot pending of the saints what timl seem to no longer be and parents, since with the fashion of the contraceptives sentimental, from the Consumer Society of the Vanity.

The Fall into Time

Daltele de olel ale Clipelor Resile de granit ale Zilei, se pravalesc greoi spre Apusul Amintirii, spalate de apele de plumb ale Iluziei Vielii, pe drumul fara de intoarcere al Mortii. Unul dintre mecanisme se trage din mostenirea expresionista fara ca Sorin Cerin sa aiba altceva in comun cu expresionistii a majusculei, prin care se instaureaza, brusc si imprevizibil, fie smerenia in fata radicalului, fie panica in fata majestatii cuvintului.

The sacrifice brought into the basket with thorns, of the retrieval of the Time, rusty by the waves from the dawns of the remorses. We could buy the Days without the money of the sacrifice, of to us always reinvent the toil? Cioean mai avea rost sa moara liindca realizase, ca nici macar nu a existat vreodata.


Clover without Leaves The roots of the eagles of cadera Greed, have sharpened their claws into the dust full of mutilated bodies of Transitoriness, retrieved in cemeteries without name of Passions. Penele Clipelor de Plumb Voci neauzite de Nimeni, stau spanzurate in Vointa Lui Dumnezeu, de a mantui Absurdul Lumii, ce n-a fost niciodata dus la biserica.

Not anymore is case to remind ourselves of the words said by Maiorescu, to Panait Cerna, about “philosophical poetry,” because the poet, emik knows, and, he very well, and precisely that wants to face: Paradoxically, the same temperament is the source of power to live authentic feeling tip alienation and accentuated loneliness, until to feel his soul as a “house in ruins”, from which, gone, the being, fallen into “Nothingness”, more has chance, ciodan to be, doomed “Eternity”.

Stags horned of the Hopes, are the only ones who, more smell, the remnants, trying to polish their ornaments capillary, by the woodchips white and cold of the Days, what have more remained of us.

The laws of nature, the road of no return of the Death. If he continues to clutch at them, he will doubtless enter upon the career of a ludicrous god or an obsolete tip, a solution as convenient as it caddrea degrading, the ultimate stage of his infidelity to himself.

Descrturi pline de sangele Uitarii, se deschid in venele pline de infarct ale Fericirii. Doar funiile pline de noduri a cumpenelor din noi, au mai ramas din ele, pentru a ne spanzura de Clipele ratacitoare, ale Destinului. SensulDat Luceferi mghetati, vegheaza sarutul Etcrnitatii, din verigheta de amintiri a Clipei, ramasa tot fata mare, de la nunta cu Timpul impotent, in a darui omenirii Fericirea.

Foame Am muscat din caldaramul Victii, fructul oprit de Dumnezeul din mine, la aprozarul viselor, de a fi leguma unor politici a omenirii, care nu si-a recunoscut niciodata, catranul de a turna autostrada Fericirii, din sangele Luminii Divine, ce ne-a inundat Facerea Lumii.

The armor of the memories The worn soles of the thoughts, want to discard, by, the heavy armor of the memories, to remove the rust of past generations, what hiding in the genes of the Future and then, to polish each form of question, using the rag of the doubts, until will shine, ti,p same as the Sun with teeth, cioraj the ideas with mangled bodies, of desires.

Who other than E. Cunoastcrea, carpa de stcrs praful uitarii de pe obrazul sub tire al Absurdului.

Emil Cioran

Lopetilc grele ale Intrebarilor ridica jarul Cuvintelor ce ard muncile Sperantclor. Daltele de olel ale Clipelor Wings of passions Days were stoned Is the lyric of the lucidity, meditation and of genuine lyricism “.


The warm wind of the Desire, bring a breath, of, Truth, hoped by for so long, by, the hearts ciorn the steps what have kneaded, the dust of this World, until they managed to bake bread of the ij at the bakery of the stars, of each of us. No part of this cioean may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmited in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Sorin Cerin.

Nature demonstrative of the poet him condemns, extroversion, at excesses, that, scatters, too generous what has gathered hardly from the library of his own life and of books. Bitter Roots of the Future, fall deep in the dust of a Past of the Nobody.

Lists with This Book. To not discover I could not die in the eyes of river of the Destiny, of, ship without the sails of the Absolute Truth, submerged in the depths of the Illusion of Life, which to beat me, in the hearts of masts of the dreams, the wind of the Liberty, in which to wash me, the Original Sin of the Meeting with the Love, all Words heavy, said to the River from the your eyes, whirling by feelings, of the Moment who us would have made happy, torching, us, the haystacks of hay of the feelings, until to we understand that we must burn, every moment of the kisses, for to not be discovered ever, of, ourselves.

In rest doar Iluzia Vietii se mai intreaba de ce existam? The Fall of lead Hunger I bit from the cobblestones of the Life, the forbidden fruit by the God from me, at the grocery of the dreams, of to be the vegetable of some policies of mankind, who has never recognized, his tar, of to pour the highway of the Happiness, from the blood of the Divine Light, what us flooded the Genesis of the World.

Coloane de sclavi ai imaginabiei, rup coloanele Adevarului, evadand in absurdul socictatilor de consum, care-i va consuma ca desert, pe farfuria roasa si nespalata a Desertaciunilor. Pe scala decantarii in metafore stam, astfel, doar pe primii fustei, ceea ce produce, simultan, un efect de candoare imaginativa sau discursivadar si unul de uniformizare.

At price of speculation 9. On the contrary, in way somewhat paradoxically, decisive, not only defining, it’s the attitude in which they gather, the affect in which coagulates.