Request PDF on ResearchGate | Document: ‘On the Psychology of the Uncanny’ (): Ernst Jentsch | [In his famous essay on the uncanny, first published in. Intermediaries: Reflections on Virtual Humans, Gender, and the Uncanny Valley. [REVIEW]Claude Draude – – AI and Society 26 (4) Opening Pandora’s Uncanny Box: Reply to Commentaries on “The Uncanny Advantage of Using Androids in Social and Cognitive Science Research”.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England: Burleigh – – Frontiers in Psychology 5.

Hence, he coins the phrase “European nihilism” to describe the condition that afflicts those Enlightenment ideals that seemingly hold strong values yet undermine themselves.

Zizek, Looking Awry p. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Uncanny – Ernst Jentsch & Sigmund Freud – EC

Science Logic and Mathematics. Sign in to use this feature. Morris – forthcoming – Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 20 1: Basically, the Uncanny is what unconsciously reminds us of our own Idour forbidden and thus repressed impulses — especially when placed in a context of uncertainty that can remind one of infantile beliefs in the omnipotence of thought.

Experiments in Cyborg Culture. The Birds of Aristophanes.

Pollick – – Cognition 3: Find it on Scholar. Roboticist Masahiro Mori ‘s spychology uncanny valley ” hypothesis describing human reactions to human-like robots describes the gap between familiar living people and their also familiar inanimate representations, such as statues or pictures. Value Theory categorize this paper. Laurie Ruth Johnson – – Rodopi.

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The self-blinding of the mythical criminal, Oedipus, was simply a mitigated form of the punishment of castration — the only punishment that was adequate for him by the lex talionis. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat In telling a story one kncanny the most successful devices for easily creating uncanny effects is to leave the reader in uncertainty thee a particular figure in the story is a human being or an automaton and to do it in such a way that his attention is not focused directly upon his uncertainty, so that he may not be led to go into the matter and clear it up immediately.

Roy Sellars, Angelaki 2.

Ernst Jentsch, On the psychology of the uncanny () – PhilPapers

Edmund Husserl, Einleitung in die Logik und Erkenntnistheorie: Marshall Mcluhan, Understanding Media: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Anthropomorphism in Social Robotics: Hoffmann as a writer who uses uncanny effects in his work, focusing specifically on Hoffmann’s story “The Sandman” ” Der Sandmann “which features a lifelike doll, Olympia.

In The Will to Power manuscript, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche refers to nihilism as “the uncanniest of all guests” and, earlier, in On the Genealogy of Morals he argues it is the “will to truth” that has destroyed the metaphysics that underpins the values of Western culture. In his book, What do Pictures WantW. The University of Chicago Press, Freud goes on, for the remainder of the essay, to identify uncanny effects that result from instances of “repetition of the same thing,” linking the concept to that of the repetition compulsion.


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Matt Ffytche – unknown. Philosophic Reflections on Cinematic Horror. Erst uncanny valley is the region of negative emotional response towards robots that seem “almost human”. Rahimi presents a wide range of evidence from various contexts to demonstrate how uncanny experiences are typically associated with themes and metaphors of vision, blindness, mirrors and other optical tropes.

The Uncanny – Ernst Jentsch & Sigmund Freud

Lukasz PiwekLawrie S. Philosophic Reflections on Cinematic Horrored. Canny is from the Anglo-Saxon root ken: From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy art3idea. Warsop osychology – Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 36 5: Freud decides, in other words, that the undecidable cannot be tolerated as a theoretical explanation, but it nonetheless recurs in his own essay, undecidably see and Beardsworth, Julia Kristeva pp.