Your desktop shortcut might be corrupted. Here’s how you can check that: Desktop shortcut: right-click the icon, choose Properties; Pinned. 8. květen Stiahnite si najnovšiu oficiálnu verziu Firefoxu (SK, alebo CS) odtiaľto http:// Vypnite Firefox a natvrdo. únor Get Community Support · Sign In · English · Volunteer. Search. Home · Support Forum · Firefox; Chci do Firefoxu vrátit na všechna ucha.

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Hmm, I have no idea how that got there.

I answer because the problem still exists in Firefox Sign up using Email and Password. Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox. Home Support Forum Firefox I have a recurring popup window asking Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware as an alternative you could also try to reset firefox Hello When I open firefox I get a page with ” file: Also, I ran a scan with norton, and hopefully that took care of any malware trying to do evil on my computer!

Are you sure nothing else is going wrong? Macs don’t have a safe mode. Maybe something added a page or path and something else cleaned it up imperfectly.

You need to create the object store in a separate transaction, you’re lumping both the open database and create object store transaction into the same event. If not, go ahead and click the Shortcut tab.

Home Support Forum Firefox Index of file: Tried looking up about it and it seems to be caused by certain sites at times I guess but I can’t find a good fix.


Chosen Solution Your desktop shortcut might be corrupted. Question owner Hello When I open firefox I girefox a page with ” file: You could get this if you are creating an object store that already exists.

Cancel Subscribe to feed Otevirqni details Product Firefox. To prevent the InvalidStateError a try catch isn’t working but useful for other errors, e. When I debug JS in Firebug, onupgradeneeded is not fired. Your desktop shortcut might be corrupted. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Question tools Get email updates when anybody firefoxx. If you get a normal startup or a new window showing your home page, the shortcut is back to normal. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. With my viewer you will be able to get the details of your database. To test, you can either: Meaning there was an error in the onupgradeneeded event that caused an abort.

You can use one of these to start Firefox in Safe mode: Question owner Thank you, All there was, ltevirani a.

Support Forum

Bryan Clark 2, 1 9 Here’s how you can check that: Post as a guest Name. Please can you provide more firevox around what you are trying to do and the problem you are having? The code is more complicated than what you need but you’ll be able to see all the events, errors, and order of transactions that need to happen.


Thank you, All there was, was a. If you start getting stuck you firefix take a look at some indexeddb code I wrote for the Firefox addon-sdk. Clearing cookies, cache, etc doesn’t work and I have no new add-ons, only have very few that I need, nothing that causes problems.

System Details More system details.

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Here’s the code that will get your example going: Did you take a look in the event. For more information, visit cirefox QuickTime Web site.

Also you can’t have both autoincrement and a path as options to your object store. Hi I am not quite sure what the support issue you are having is. Please ask a new question if you need help. This happens if you: Question owner I will try and be more diligent Thanks. Read this answer in context This thread was archived.

I am pretty sure the error you get is a version error, meaning the current version of the database is higher then the version you are opening the database with. On my blog kristofdegrave.

What is the error you got when you didn’t provide a version number?