FR A720 11K PDF

FR A720 11K PDF

Kitoma Indonesia – Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK. FR-A Series. FR -AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK. Find great deals for 1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year. Shop with confidence on eBay!. FR-AK or higher, FR-AK or higher. 1)Remove the upper screws. 2) Remove the lower screws. 3)Pull the jumper toward you to remove. 4) Connect.

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Definisi Valve, Jenis dan Fungsinya part 2. The Instruction Manual Applied is separately available from where you purchased the inverter or your Mitsubishi sales representative. Switched low when the output Permissible load frequency reaches within the range of This Instruction Manual Basic provides handling information and precautions for use of the equipment.

Change the position of the rear side Upper 11k installation frame on the upper and lower sides of the inverter to Power saving Another feature of the drives is their ability to save power and reduce s720 costs in fan and pumping applications.

Holding time at a 0. Users do not have to consider each parameter number. Parameter setting mode Press to choose the parameter setting mode. Page 63 Page 64 – Before operation Page 65 – Overheat protection of the motor by the Without this operation, next operation cannot be started.


Low-speed operation command RL 22 to 28, 1: Page Causes and corrective actions 2 Warning When the protective function is activated, the output is not shut off. For torque control, the motor gains speed as the motor output torque becomes greater than the motor load.

Outline dimension drawings FR-A Precautions for use of the inverter 2.


Setting a break point allows the inverter to raise the droop compensation frequency for light-load no load operation without raising it for heavy-load operation. Turning ON the start command starts the motor to rotate. Also, the signal output delay time turns off delaying the set time after in- position zone is out. Within 2-M12 eye nut 4-installation hole Wiring Terminal Terminal Rated Refer to Description Symbol Name Specifications page Switched low when the inverter output frequency is equal to or Inverter higher than the starting frequency initial value 0.

Operation panel FR-DU07 3. For the terminal to output the PM sensorless vector control signal, assign the function by setting “57 positive logic ” Thermal characteristic of the electronic thermal relay function suitable for the motor is set.

Method Of Removal And Reinstallation Of The When reinstalling the operation panel, insert it straight to reinstall securely and tighten the fixed screws of the operation panel.


Causes and corrective actions 3 Alarm When an alarm occurs, the output is not shut off. Page 27 Wiring Terminal Terminal Rated Refer to Description Symbol Name Specifications page External Connect this terminal to the power supply common terminal of a transistor transistor output open collector output device, such as a common programmable controller, in the sink logic to avoid malfunction by Power supply sink undesirable currents.

Low-speed a72 torque characteristics Pr. Page 41 Wiring 9 Combination with a70 vector control dedicated motor Refer to the table below when using with a vector control dedicated motor.

1pc Mitsubishi Fr-a720-11k FRA72011K One Year

This operation resets the offline auto tuning and the PU’s monitor display returns to the normal indication. Precautions for use of the inverter 13 Provide electrical and mechanical interlocks for MC1 and MC2 which are used for bypass operation. Incorrect connection 11i damage the regeneration converter and inverter.


Page 95 – Setting the frequency by switches multi Changing Acceleration And Deceleration Time pr.

Page Outline dimension drawings FR-A Page 66 – Increasing the starting torque Pr. Exact size must be chosen for each installation. Calibration parameters are not cleared with Pr. When the initial value Pr. Before starting operation, always recheck the following items.

Daily And Periodic Inspection Inspection item 5. Page Setting multiple parameters as a batch Pr. Before operation 3 When offline auto tuning ends, press of the operation panel during PU operation. Start and stop using terminals External operation 3. Independently of whether the inverter is running in any operation mode or at a stop, the output current monitor appears by pressing. Check first when you have a trouble Check first when you have a trouble Refer to troubleshooting on page 80 speed control in addition to the following check points.

Take measures against noises. Operation Screen at power-ON The monitor display appears.

It is recommended to These devices on the inverter output side may be overheated install both an external thermal and PTC thermistor rf or burn out. Page 79 Before operation 2 Setting 1 Select the Advanced magnetic flux vector control, Real sensorless vector control or vector control. Parameter setting, change and check can be made from the operation panel FR-DU PU operation mode Frequency setting has been output frequency monitor written and completed!!