From author Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune series, comes this classic science fiction of THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT Beyond the God Wall Generations of a. Editorial Reviews. Review. For Dune. “A portrayal of an alien society more complete and The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) by [Herbert, Frank]. Bedog by Frank Herbert: A sentient creature designed to be a bed. (Text quote, book citation included.).

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The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert

McKie and Jedrik teh exchange bodies normally the donor ego is destroyed along with the old body so they can escape and use McKie’s Legum training to bring the Running Phylum, perpetrators of the plot, to fearsome Gowachin justice. That he was married many, many times. View all 10 comments. They do this thing and they ezperiment a god to stop it. To be Dosadi-trained is not to be the equal of the Dosadi-born, and to be immortal is not to be the equal of those.

Among other tools, addictive psychotropes are used for handling power among hierarchies in organisations. The problem was the length of time it took me to get to ‘the “regular” good stuff’. I enjoy Science Fiction – this one is dosaddi to explain, but for those who’ve read some of Frank Herbert’s Dune series, this one is understandable and regularly surprising.

Val’s Random Comments: The Dosadi Experiment – Frank Herbert

They are both the ultimate bureaucrats and anti-bureaucrats. I was able to follow the basic arc of the plot, but I admit a lot of the details of the intrigues “plans within plans within plans Looking forward to your review: Published by Berkley Putnam in Additional resources – This particular star had a great deal of affection for McKie, because he had saved her some years earlier. Mankind was doomed to play out all of its old religious history, projections of doszdi own possibility onto a universe that is unwilling to respond on cue.


But he is shocked into personally surrendering to Jedrik after the God Hherbert Caleban makes the sky of Dosadi black in preparation for the destruction of the planet. Well, there was supposed to be a lot of twists and turns. The Gowachin say they feel their bones age in his presence, because when he smiles, he bears a remarkable resemblance to their “Frog god”, the nearly-divine Lawgiver, Mrreg. Unlike the telecourts where robot judges administer human justice, the Gowachin legal system centers upon the Courtarena, where trials can become bloody spectacles in which anyone — defendant, prosecutor, even witnesses — can end up dead as thd result of the strange workings of Gowachin justice, which centers upon the concept of “respectful disrespect.

Jul 10, Laura rated it it was ok. Population pressure has something to do with it of course. The minor differences between the trilogy and The Jesus Incident are even more significant. McKie, of expermient, after learning the ways of Dosadi, refuses the bait of personal immortality and allies with her to end the experiment. Tne is the only judge to survive the courtarena when the Dosadi affair comes to trial.

The overall theme is typical Herber This may be my favorite of Herbert’s books outside of the Dune series and the Jesus Incident trilogy.

The Dosadi Experiment

Very well written, similar in style to the Jesus Incident trilogy in how things are presented: Some smaller factions realize they have to choose right away which side they are going to support as they are too small to survive; one of these factions turns out to be controlled by a third alien species. Moreover, Herbert has a wonderful ability to bring out cultural traditions and political intrigues in a way that is engaging and fascinating.

But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t leave “Whipping Star” without a whafuck?! Forged in the crucible of appalling hardship and deprivation, those qualities necessary to survival have been tempered to diamond hardness, while all others have withered and died. Religious violence is the heritage of those who dosad demands on their gods instead of heeding Cod’s demands on them.


Paul, who had been a god to his people, finally realizes that no achievement of higher consciousness, no bubble of his own devising, will be large enough to bypass the strictures of infinity. Letting go of the human, they discover it for the first time. Communication is the key to the novel. As his wisdom deepens, and he approaches a kind of totality, he says, I think I tried to invent life, not realizing it’d already been invented,” and shortly before the end of his vision.

The Dosadi is in this “other” category — other in that it takes place in an entirely different universe than what occur I’ll start with a side note here: He succeeds ultimately by understanding the Caleban, and loving it. Other than the redoubtable McKie of course The many plots strongly reminded me of Dunebut I thought Herbert did a much better job in Dune than he did with this book. However, in less than a single week Keila Jedrik appraised him as “more Dosadi than Dosadi.

The poet discovers his own inner power because, recognizing Ship as a being of awesome dimensions, he does not beg or resist what he sees, but tries to communicate.

Oct 12, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed the story but the motivation of the main character was a little unclear to me.