Does anyone know if the Frankenjura guide is split north/south or east/west? Even better, can you point me to an online map which shows the. Felsen ‘Freudenmauer’ in der Fränkischen Schweiz Bei erfährst Quergang Fb 5b Beschreibung vorhanden. Topo. Druckausgabe Drucken. Die Infoseite zum Klettern im Frankenjura, dem besten Sportklettergebiet in Deutschland. Hier gibt es alle Infos zum Klettern in Franken, der Fränkischen.

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For bouldering, check first: Routen Die Routennamen sind anklickbar und bringen dich zur Routenausgabe. Die Routennamen sind anklickbar und bringen dich zur Routenausgabe. From there it stretches basically south to river Danube. Bouldergyms are scattered in the whole region.

General information

Rockevents sind einerseits Gefahrenmeldungen, andererseits naturschutzfachliche oder soziale Notwendigkeiten, die es zu beachten gilt. Frankenjura is Germany’s 2nd largest climbing area and a world-class sport climbing destination with a quite long history. Make your sport sustainable.

I suppose I could get the Thum one, but Frankenjur already got two earlier editions of his and find the endless detail about who did the FAs really tiresome when it could be used for something useful like descriptions of the climbing. Routeninformationen Der Fels bietet Touren in den unten gezeigten Schwierigkeitsgraden: Login Forgot your login details?

Managed to find a pdf which shows the contents page and map for Band 2, and it is exactly as you say. In reply to TheGeneralist: Where to stay Especially in the northern Frankenjura one can find plenty fopo rather cheap holiday appartments.


In most places both sorts of rock are very solid. Now that was extraordinary!

Frankenjura : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering : SummitPost

Most routes are either vertical or overhanging, finger pockets are very common. Der Fels wurde im Rahmen eines Kletterkonzeptes zoniert tpoo der ‘Zone 2’ zugeordnet: History View historical timeline A lot! In reply to winhill: Page Contents 1 Know your grade, love holes, love forests 2 Best season to climb 3 Where to climb in Frankenjura? View all on Map.

Freudenmauer – Fels –

Photos Browse all photos Upload a photo of area. Join your friends and fellow climbers in open fun challenges. Summer — In the early parts early June through mid July and then again near the beginning of Fall September you can have great conditions in the shade and under tree canopies. See all contributors Karma.

Activity Check out what is happening in Frankenjura. The legendary Oma Eichler campground in the Trubachtal is a meeting point for climbers since many years. Falls dir an diesem Fels etwas Wichtiges aufgefallen ist, kannst du hier eine Meldung dazu machen. Areas Add area s Add topo Reorder Bulk edit. Interaktiv Anmelden Registrieren Forum Impressum.

Most routes are either vertical or overhanging, finger pockets are frakenjura common. Von Hormersdorf an der A9 in Richtung Rupprechtstegen. Half the crags I want are in Band 2 like you say, but the others around Pottentsein are in the other one.


For bouldering, check first: The legendary Oma Eichler frankenujra in the Trubachtal is a meeting point for climbers since many years. A note about Top-ropes: Frankenjura has an established zone concept regulating whether a rock is allowed and if yes, how: Nuts and slings can be very useful. Map Frankenjura map World map. The climbing area consists of lime stone frnkenjura dolomite. Outdoor Research is combining its decades of experience building highly dexterous, durable gloves with an innovative new material Warm, humid and wet are best conditions for Ticks to thrive in.

Country guide to climbing areas App Case Study: Post a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published. One finds a large variety of climbs, regarding the rock condition and the route character. The Vanlife culture booms.

Sport Climbing, Toprope, Bouldering Season: Keep me logged in all the time. The layers rise roughly from east to west, so that in the western part we find in the valleys rock-forming lime stone, while frznkenjura to the east only dolomite reaches the surface.

Camping is another popular option. Tradrouten im Frankenjura S3. Bitte verhaltet Euch entsprechend. Upload a photo of area.