Geometria nieeuklidesowa Archiwum. Join Date: Nov Location: Łódź. Posts: Likes (Received): 0. Geometria nieeuklidesowa. Geometria nieeuklidesowa – geometria, która nie spełnia co najmniej jednego z aksjomatów geometrii euklidesowej. Może ona spełniać tylko część z nich, przy. geometria-nieeuklidesowa Pro:Motion – bardzo ergonomiczna klawiatura o zmiennej geometrii. dawno temu · Latawiec Festo, czyli latająca geometria [ wideo].

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His influence has led to the current usage of the term “non-Euclidean geometry” to mean either “hyperbolic” or “elliptic” geometry. They revamped the analytic geometry implicit in the split-complex number algebra into synthetic geometry of premises and deductions. Projecting a sphere to a plane. The reverse implication follows from the horosphere model of Euclidean geometry.

File:Types of geometry.svg

Oxford University Presspp. Rosenfeld and Adolf P. Altitude Hypotenuse Pythagorean theorem.

For at least a thousand years, geometers were troubled by the disparate complexity of the fifth postulate, and believed it could be proved as a theorem from the other four. In particular, it became the starting point for the work of Saccheri and ultimately for the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry.

Three-dimensional geometry and topology.

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He finally reached a point where he believed that his results demonstrated the impossibility of hyperbolic geometry. Letters by Schweikart and the writings of his nephew Franz Adolph Taurinuswho also was interested in non-Euclidean geometry and who in published a brief book on the parallel axiom, appear in: When the metric requirement is relaxed, then there are affine planes associated with the planar algebras which give rise to kinematic geometries that have also been called non-Euclidean geometry.


In the niesuklidesowa case one obtains hyperbolic geometry and elliptic geometrythe traditional non-Euclidean geometries.

Another view of special relativity as a non-Euclidean geometry was advanced by E. To obtain a non-Euclidean geometry, the parallel postulate or its equivalent must be replaced by its negation. Consequently, hyperbolic geometry is called Bolyai-Lobachevskian geometry, as both mathematicians, independent of each other, are the basic authors of non-Euclidean geometry.

Point Line segment ray Length. Another way to describe the differences between these geometries is to consider two straight lines indefinitely extended in a two-dimensional plane that are both perpendicular to a third line:.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hyperbolic geometry found an application in kinematics with the physical cosmology introduced by Hermann Minkowski in Nieeuklifesowa geometry often makes appearances in works of science fiction and fantasy.

Indeed, they each arise in polar decomposition of a complex number z. In mathematicsnon-Euclidean geometry consists of two geometries based on axioms closely related to those specifying Euclidean geometry.

Non-Euclidean geometry

Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries naturally have many similar properties, namely those which do not depend upon the nature of parallelism. Retrieved 30 August This is also one of the standard models of the real projective plane. These early attempts did, however, provide some early properties of the hyperbolic and elliptic geometries. In his letter to Taurinus Faberpg. In all approaches, however, there is an axiom which is logically equivalent to Euclid’s fifth postulate, the parallel postulate.

Bernhard Riemannin a famous nieeuklideaowa infounded the field of Riemannian geometryniefuklidesowa in particular the ideas now called manifoldsRiemannian metricand curvature. According to Faberpg. This introduces a perceptual distortion wherein the straight lines of the non-Euclidean geometry are being represented by Euclidean curves which visually bend.


For planar algebra, non-Euclidean geometry arises in the other cases. He constructed an infinite family of geometries which are not Euclidean by giving a formula for a family of Riemannian metrics on the unit ball in Euclidean space.

Hilbert’s system consisting of 20 axioms [17] most closely follows the approach of Euclid and provides the justification for all of Euclid’s proofs.

Geometria nieeuklidesowa – Stefan Kulczycki – Google Books

Another example is al-Tusi’s son, Sadr al-Din sometimes known as “Pseudo-Tusi” nieeu,lidesowa, who wrote a book on the subject inbased on al-Tusi’s later thoughts, which presented another hypothesis equivalent to the parallel postulate. Unfortunately for Kant, his concept of this unalterably true geometry was Euclidean.

He had proved the non-Euclidean result that the sum of the angles in a triangle increases as the area of the triangle decreases, and this led him to speculate on the possibility of a model of the acute case on a sphere of imaginary radius.

An Introductionp. Furthermore, since the substance of the subject in synthetic geometry was a chief exhibit of rationality, the Euclidean point of view represented absolute authority.

The beginning of the 19th century would finally witness decisive steps in the creation of non-Euclidean geometry. Other mathematicians have devised simpler forms of this property.