ess Here is a basic outline, not that I’ve worked it. Not that anyone asked for or cares about my. The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach includes 2 DVDs and over 3 hours of material. MADE FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS. Performances. The Music of George Garzone & the Triadic Chromatic Approach jazz article by Tom Greenland, published on April 11, at All About Jazz.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Jazz Story I love jazz because it gives me freedom of mind.

The Music of George Garzone & the Triadic Chromatic Approach

I’m really shedding this stuff. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

This is a unique look into the music and the innovative jazz improvisation concept of one of the greatest saxophonists of our time.

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Garzone’s thing… triads, chromaticism and “randomnivity”

Get better wines for less money at nakedwines. I’ve got my copy and have been loving it! Click To Read Interview. The second DVD in the set starts off with a great exposition by George on sound.

As you mentioned in the dvd to implement this concept – it has to be a daily process. Links Jazz Albums Jazz Discographies. The exercise on sound that you do is much more to the point than what I was doing before, great.

Thank you very much and more power! Plenty of info about George Garzone here, inlcuding exercises based on his Triadic Chromatic concept — click here. After watching the first DVD the student should have a clear understanding of how to apply the concept and be able to start the process of learning to apply it Primarily designed for intermediate and advanced musicians interested in expanding their improvisational toolkit, this two-disc DVD set contains step-by-step instructions, narrated and demonstrated by Garzone, on how to develop a “Triadic Chromatic Approach.

The DVD is worth every penny of my hard earned money! He is constantly working out new ideas and developing his approach to communicate with others and has been doing so for quite some time. Triadic Chromatic Approach includes subtitles in following languages: I ask George questions about his saxophone sound and the result is 17 different tips on how to get your best saxophone sound.


Review our musician toolkit page. A DVD like gsorge would be priceless. Rethinking Jazz Cultures Francesco Martinelli: View as a separate page. Film Reviews Rolling Stone: Including tips on embouchure, breathing, vibrato, practice techniques, his daily practice regimen, mouthpieces, reeds, etc.

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DVD – Triadic Chromatic Approach | JodyJazz

Garzone Just got your DVD from jodyjazz, and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to lay out one of the most original concepts for improv I’ve seen in a long time.

Jazz Poll Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues. Just a quick note to chromxtic congrats on the DVD.

Read on to view our project ideas George blew me off my feet!