The GV-NVR (Network Video Recorder) records video and audio data over TCP/ IP networks. With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GV-NVR offers. Security Controls for safe guarding property Camera Installer plus Service in the Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding area. Geovision DVR NVR Software Manual – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Name Description 1 Add Adds an image for automatic splicing. Moreover, it can capture each face separately when a group of people comes in the view together.

Chapter 3 Video Analysis A total of 7 close-up views can be defined. All input devices of this group are now enabled.

USAVision / GeoVision Support Forum • View topic – DVR/NVR V IP Camera Patch

See Camera Status later in this chapter. GPU decoding only supports the following software and hardware specifications: To open the panel, click the Configure button No. When the GV-System starts to compact video files mnual the time you specified, the following Compacting List will pop up, displaying the information such as the camera number, the processing status, the processing time and the number of files that are being compacted.

This brings up the following Camera Popup Setting dialog box. In the Mail Setup section, set up the following fields: Setting Tour Schedule When the PTZ camera remains stationary for a certain time, the camera will start the defined behaviors, such as activating the auto pan or returning the designated preset, in the defined time frames.


Enable the option and select your PTZ camera from the drop-down list. When it is selected, you may be subject to the risk that the system will yeovision generate an alert whenever the lens of the camera is covered by malice.

CCTV Camera Pros Geovision 8.5 Multicam Digital Surveillance System User Manual

Select the Multi View screen resolution. Starting Object Zooming After the above settings, you can start the object zooming application. If you cannot perform audio broadcasting, select Tool from the menu bar, select Set Broadcast Address, and ensure the IP address and port number are correctly configured.

Name Description 1 Open Opens an event log. When the connection is established, the Single View page appears. manuql

The Daily schedule merges the files of the day previous to the selected day. Give a Hint optional that would remind you of the password.

Specify the number of event occurrences. Double-click on a camera icon, and then its corresponding video will be loaded to the selected monitoring window. The period that you specify is effective from Monday through Sunday. Use the mouse to outline a detection region in the right image; you will be mabual to enter Detect Region.

The number of days that the geogision video files are reserved. Idle Time sec indicates the zooming duration geovisipn seconds. The default port value is Click the Send button to apply the settings. Click to only back up the never-recycle events.


This function requires DirectX 9.

First click the button to pause live images and then use the mouse to outline the minimum object size for tracking on the image. Use the slide bar to adjust the detection sensitivity.

Double-click any frame in the window to play back its video file with the ViewLog or Quick Search player. Suppose we enter Coke, and every text matching to Coke will be screened geovvision. Triggers the specified output module upon video lost or connection lost. To disable a connected camera, select Camera Install. Perform the counting function within certain regions in a recorded file.

The following is an example of installing and running the Multi View over the Internet. When the video is recorded using JPEG compression method, every frame is a key frame. Select the events with GPS tracks from the Video Event list, select the desired video mode, and click the Play button to start. Double-click a camera folder to display all found files. Modify the default port value 21 if necessary. To access this feature, right-click on the screen and then select PIP. The identification is recorded in the System Log for later retrieval as well.

In each Multi View you can select the maximum of 16 cameras for playback.