Entrepreneurial leaders are key to economic success in postmodern society. This paper indicates that Gestalt graphologists, using handwriting alone, are able to. Today, there exist two major schools of graphology, namely the (1) Trait Stroke method and (2) the “Gestalt” approach. (“Gestalt” = German for “figure” or overall . Tested whether Gestalt graphologists were able to identify successful entrepreneurs, on the basis of handwriting alone. 40 pairs of handwriting samples were.

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Understand handwriting analysis gaphology its applications Explain what handwriting can and cannot reveal about the writer Develop “eye training, in order to: These videos were recorded during an online class in and cover many important topics related to handwriting and behavior.

Exploring the Mystery and Complexity of Human Nature Ivanovic had an unequaled perception of uncommon graphic indicators. Also, instead of looking at one handwriting indicator as standing for one personality trait, the Master method considers or evaluates ten handwriting components per personality trait.

Primary learning objectives of the Course: Then, if you want to further your graphological education beyond this point, I recommend the Master course. A few examples of resultants were: Whether you are a beginning student of handwriting analysis or you have studied the trait method through IGAS geshalt other schools, you will benefit from this course. He was a practicing graphologist all of his life and lectured and gave seminars throughout the United States and in Canada, England, Germany, Israel and Both the Comprehensive course and the Master course can be started without prior knowledge in graphology.

In contrast to the French method which analyzed individual letter forms, the German system stressed the importance of the writing movement itself.


Klein did extensive work in personnel selection for major companies and banks, vocational guidance, and individual analyses, as well as forensic document examination for such entities as the U. Upon completion of this independent training course, the student can expect to be able to: The author of two published books and many monographs on handwriting analysis, as well as the Handwriting Analyzer software tmSheila served on the board of directors of American Handwriting Analysis Foundation for ten years, and was president of the Los Angeles County Chapter.

Most of our graduates plan to become involved in some kind of personnel work upon graduation.

Traits vs Gestalts

KAROHS Courses differ greatly from other handwriting analysis courses in that they are not simply compilations of the French or the German graphology school; instead, they also incorporate pioneering research by other remarkable graphologists, including some whose invaluable discoveries were little recognized, denigrated, or practically grapholovy. Contrary to the claims of certain graphology schools that they have grapgology their own system, the French school is still the primary basis of trait stroke graphology.

She is a member of the National Association of Document Examiners. Well, this certainly was worth waiting for. If someone promises you grahology you can learn handwriting analysis in ten minutes a day, it is time to look elsewhere. Bunker claimed that he had personally discovered over traits reflected in handwriting.

It provides all the necessary insight for clear and informative vocational and individual reports. Your analysis was on target on all! The Master course is not alone in utilizing the above indicators. It enables him and to perform analysis with absolute confidence. He was a born empiricist. He theorized that only primary or basic traits show directly in handwriting whereas secondary or resulting characteristics must be evaluated through combinations of primary traits.


Our generous and prompt support is unmatched by any other handwriting analysis school.

Upon completion of this independent training course, the student can expect to be able to:. We know that you have many choices among so-called handwriting analysis schools and teachers.

Graphology – Gestalt Center

It makes for an easier and smoother transition to begin with the Comprehensive Course. They are incorporated to a greater or lesser degree in other contemporary graphological gedtalt.

Sheila is a wonderful, personable, inspirational teacher who has me excited again about doing handwriting analysis! The answer is very simple. Ivanovic discovered various forms of single and double curves, expanded curves, straight and diagonal strokes, and acute, right and obtuse angles. Understandably, examining several handwriting indicators per trait takes longer than the pure grstalt stroke approach.

The Gestalt Method of Graphology with Sheila Lowe

On the other hand, this method allows the analyst to glean information about the personality that is not available by any other means. You nailed me with the analysis -Sheri H. Our study material is steadily upgraded in keeping with ongoing research.

The Psychology of Handwriting, Although Michon depended on empirical observation alone, he was very successful. Which graphology course should you choose? No image or portion grapholoy this website may be copied or reproduced without written permission.

Unless otherwise arranged, lessons are sent in PDF files by email or on disk.