Some one asked me how to setup handy cafe so I made this handy cafe tutorials.. 1. You can change all default USER and PASSWORD. Free Internet Cafe Software – CyberCafe Management Software including monitoring, membership accounting, firewall, and reporting. HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software does have a built-in webserver for user logins and etc. You can change current web templates and create your.

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Handy Cafe User Guide – Cyber Cafe Administrator and 66 more

You can even change the languages. We are proud to announca that handyCafe Free Firewall Software 3. Below you can find how to fix corrupted tables:. You can even disable access to any specific ports of remote connections. Click Verify button 7.

Handy Cafe Setup Tutorials | GeekTutorial

Watch Turbo Internet demonstration video: Be sure handyCafe Server is not running 2. After Rebuild, click Exit to close application. You can change and create your own language file and you can also share your language file with our other users.


You can change current web templates and create your own templates. You can create your own language for your customers. And you can generate reports for specific dates.

We are strongly recommending to install this version. May 5th, handyCafe Firewall version 3. Bandwidth limitation is very useful when you have many simultaneous connected terminals. Please stay in touch. We may change the GUI. If you are facing with this problem, we have included a db repair utility. HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software — www.

June 12th, handyCafe Free Firewall Software 3.

Download now — HCSpot-beta. You can also create your trusted websites list. This new version will not be an update.

You can log visited websites with their titles. Details about our new version will be announced during the development of HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software.


There are different ways to limit bandwidth. June 14th, handyCafe Free Firewall Software 3. Please download and install only if you are an advanced user. Click Rebuild button 8.


If you can not see clients from server, be sure that you also installed new Server version. There are currently 21 posts and 0 comments, contained within 5 categories.

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software

Here are some features: Copy Db folder into another directory just in case Do not move. Theming feature enables you to choose any pre-defined theme easily. You can ban websites, root domains, ips, hosts, urls, keywords.

Thanks to this unique feature of HCSpot Hotspot Software, you will be able to see and log websites with titles. Thanks to advanced reporting feature of HCSpot Hotspot Software, you will be able to generate and export reports with one-click.