The Heroscape items we sell are carefully sorted and inventoried before listing and selling online. Loose Figures and Cards: May show some signs of use but. Posts about Custom Heroscape Cards written by Big Rich. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. This mod adds my version of HD Unit Army cards. It loads up quickly as everything is bagged, and all of.

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Master Win Chiu Woo. Grut Orcs Spoiler Alert! Steam Group here http: You can get more information there. September 27, Location: It uses the Warforged Bodyguard miniature from the War Drums set.

Need high quality scans of the Carde of Elswin army cards. Think of it as having a wide shot selection! But through moves between places, I’ve lost the cards, order markers, dice, all except the figures and terrain, somewhere.

April 30th, Master Win Chiu Woo. I apologize as I do not remember who made the card. The lightsaber swirls really add an extra WOW factor to the cards.

Contact Us – Heroscapers. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Ok just got linked to this thread, I would like to help, but I am not sure on how to do this correctly.


Master Sets Spoiler Alert! Google search the phrase “Heroscapers MSE” and it’s the first forum link that pops up. Want to add to the discussion?

All Overwatch to Heroscape Cards so far (Updated 9/8/17) – Album on Imgur

I, however, have no ability to do crads either. Isamu Izumi Samuri Spoiler Alert! Boris Grishenko Last Online 10 hrs, 35 mins ago. Let me know if there is anything different I should do I got some stuff over the summer that I was cadrs myself. It loads up quickly as everything is bagged, and all of the figure models are right next to them in the same order for increased drafting convinience.

Don’t think of it as being outnumbered.

All times are GMT Page 1 of 2. April 29th, Tabletop Simulator Store Page.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Figure models and meshes made by the hard-working Lyrgard and the rest of the HexScape team. There are some errors on the official site One big one is Hatamoto Taro.

Tag: Custom Heroscape Cards

Samuel Brown By General: Originally Posted by Jim If nobody else volunteers, I can scan my cards at dpi then make a PDF of the scan so it will print both nicely and at the right size.


Arrow Gruts Blade Gruts. April 30th, See all 11 collections some may be hidden. Ashigaru Yari Ashigaru Harquebus. I propose that anyone who can, could help make high-rez scans of official cards that are already sized correctly, so they only needed to be printed and cut out. Submit a new link. February 4th, In the meantime, I have placed it in my public DropBox folder. Wave 1 Malliddon’s Prophecy: Is it possible to make your own characters an stuff?


View original post 83 more words. December 30, Location: Kaiyu Let me help you play with yourself! I would remove the second spoiler boxes for the large expansions with only one unit cardz. I just found out that as of yesterday, the Main Heroscape mod has already added basic sides to all cards!