The HTML manual is a version of the user guide that you can view using your web browser. Related documents such as the network and software user guides . Quick setup guide, Step 1 step 2, Laser printer • Read online or download PDF • Brother HLCDN User Manual. This service manual contains basic information required for after-sales service of This service manual covers the HLCN/CDN/CDW machines.

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Multi-protocol on-board ethernet print server and wireless ieee Routine Maintenance Cleaning the corona wires If you have print quality problems, clean the corona wires as follows: Brother Color Laser Printer. Routine Maintenance Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover. Before you use this product, make sure that you use one of the following interface cables.

Manuals | HLCN | Others | Brother

Page 28 Error code 25 Print Unable 25 Turn the power off and then back on again. Page 89 15 Remove the ten cup S M3x6 Taptite screws 9 pieces from the top and 1 piece from the front sideand then remove the Scanner cover.

Page Troubleshooting Examples of poor print quality Recommendation Curled or wavy Check the paper type and quality. Routine Maintenance Remove the waste toner box from the printer using the green handle. If you touch it, it could degrade print quality. Remove the 3 M4X12 taptite screws and the M3X8 screw from the left side cover. The AC power cord is connected properly and the printer is turned on.

Brother HL-4040CN Service Reference Manual

Push to release the latches of the gl-4040cn corona wire cover 1and then open the cover. When monochrome lights are received, each color can be sensed. CAUTION For UK and other countries Brother machines are designed to work with lh-4040cn of a particular specification and will work to a level of optimum performance when used with genuine Brother branded toner cartridges. Routine Maintenance CAUTION We recommend that you hl-40440cn the toner cartridge on a clean, flat surface with a piece of disposable paper underneath it in case you accidentally spill or scatter toner.


Top Cover Assy 8. All pages have following terms in common; Title, Model name, Serial number. Printing Methods Printing methods Printing on plain paper Printing on plain paper from Tray 1, 2 For the recommended paper to use, see About paper hl-4040fn page 6. Sensor sensitivity adjustment failure when implementing auto color registration from the control panel Error code 9D Registration Turn off the printer power switch.

Pcl6 Emulation The table below shows the printable areas when printing on Landscape for each paper size. Electrical Hazard icons alert you to a possible electrical shock.

Brother HL-4040CDN User Manual

Using both hands, gently pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit. If continuing the disassembly, always return the Drum lock lever L to the original locking position. Calibration helps you to improve the color density. Page Routine Maintenance When you replace the belt unit with a new one, you need to reset the belt unit counter by completing the following steps: Electrodes location of the drum unit Fig.

Routine Maintenance Hold the green parts of the belt unit with both hands and manula the belt unit up, then pull it out.

Service Information These are key service information to maintain the product. Fusing The toner transferred on to the paper passes between the heat roller and the pressure roller ASSY in the fuser unit and are fused by heat and pressure. See page Replacing a toner cartridge on page Number of times the waste toner box has been replaced.

Cautions specify procedures you must follow or avoid to prevent possible damage to the machine or other objects. Cancel Stop and cancel the printing job in progress.


Laser Printer Product Name: Don’t have an account? The side to be printed on must be face up with the leading edge top of the paper in first. Printing Methods Pull out the MP tray support and unfold the flap 1. M – Magenta 3. Page Routine Maintenance When you replace the drum unit with a new one, you need to reset the drum counter by completing the following steps: Put the paper tray firmly back in the printer.


Parts Life Reset Function This function is provided for service personnel in order to reset the counter of each periodical replacement part and count the number of replacement times when replacing the periodical replacement parts. nanual

Brother reserves the right to make changes without notice in the hl-4040cj and materials contained herein and shall not be responsible for any damages including consequential caused by reliance on the materials presented, including but not limited to typographical and other errors relating to the publication. Control Panel Reprint If you want to reprint a document that has just been printed, press Reprint.

How to Recover from Errors of the Fuser Unit How to recover from errors janual the fuser unit is to use Function code 99 in the maintenance mode. Handle Lock Lock Toner cartridge Fig. Put the paper with the side to be printed on the blank side face up.

This manual also for: Troubleshooting Pull the paper tray completely out of the printer. Please read this User’s Guide thoroughly before you use the printer. Page Routine Maintenance Push the drum unit in until it stops. Brother does not therefore recommend the use of cartridges other than genuine Brother branded cartridges with this machine.