SMS Logic system (Based on HSE Publication HSG65). Management Logic system. Graphic model based on POPMAR with detail of. Inspection Aide Memoire based on HSG65 POPMAR. Assessing management during inspection/investigation. After initial discussions plan. It’s a brief guide to help you comply with the law, and summarises the more detailed guidance in Managing for health and safety (HSG65) and the supporting .

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Auditing The structured periodical process of collecting information on the effectiveness of the total SMS and planning for improvement.

Managing For Health And Safety, HSG HSG65

There is a clear process for completing and reviewing risk assessments and identifying risk controls. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Advocates a revised approach to putting health and safety arrangements in place or for overseeing them: Aim to collect sufficient information about their management system during the course of the inspection visit or accident investigation to make a reasonably well informed judgement about their SMS performance.

Organising The Organisation — setting out who does what. Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can find a brief summary of the refreshed guidance in the short leaflet Plan, Do, Check, Act: The organisation has identified the level of competent advice health, safety, specific risks it needs and has arranged it e.

Email Address never made public. Procedures are in place for investigating injuries, ill health, property damage, near misses. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Organisation — setting out who does what.

I have found this post very informative. Try not to be too judgemental at this stage in order to keep discussions moving forward. They also hope the material will be of value to workers and their representatives. Risk assessment have the skills needed to carry them out effectively.


This part of Managing for safety and health is concerned with delivery so is likely to be of most bse to health and safety professionals. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information.

You should also consider the need to link how you manage safety to how you manage other business areas. Lessons learned are shared across the company. Good performance is rewarded, poor performance is investigated and improvement supported.

I have enjoyed reading through. Notify me of new comments via email. After initial discussions plan what you can do in the time available. How to control risks at workwhich helps businesses identify, assess and control common risks in their workplace.

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Implementation of the SMS is easier if clear objectives, procedures and risk control systems are properly documented. The structured periodical process of collecting information on the effectiveness of the total SMS and planning for improvement.

The fact that the PDCA model is commonly referenced in ISO management standards also helps reaffirm that managing for health and safety is integral to running a business, and not a stand-alone add-on. The investigator has sufficient authority and training in investigation techniques.

SMS Logic system (Based on HSE Publication HSG65)

An introduction to managing for health and safety Leading health and safety at work PDF. It identifies the key actions needed in each part of the PDCA cycle and relates them back, where appropriate, to leadership, management, worker involvement and competence.

Immediate and underlying causes are identified and remedial action prioritised. Health and Safety Executive. Arrangements are in place for co-operation and co-ordination where different organisations share a workplace. Health and safety management an integral part of good management generally.

See also Managing for health and safety The health and safety toolbox microsite Risk management. The organisation must learn from experience, improve performance and respond to change.

Inspection Aide Memoire based on HSG65 POPMAR

Related Articles Industry News. It provides a vision of leadership commitment. Monitoring should be managed by someone, preferably line management, who has the competence to judge the quality of compliance, e. The competent advisor has adequate status within the organisation and preferably reports directly to a hxe advice is respected and acted on. Review performance — Remember, the PDCA model is cyclical and it is at this stage that you should learn from accidents, errors, experience and other organisations so that you can revisit your plans, policies and risk assessments and update where necessary.


A thorough accident investigation either carried out by your own internal accident team, or by an external consultant will help you correct any safety omissions; demonstrate your commitment to safety to a court and provide essential information to your insurers.

Skip to content Skip to navigation. Refresher training is provided, especially for statutory appointees. Risk assessment procedures are followed, up to date, relevant and reviewed.

The Health and Safety Executive HSE has recently announced the completion of online guidance that they believe will make it easier for larger organisations and business leaders to understand the actions they need to take to comply with health and safety regulations. Gse and Safety Executive. Complements more frequent monitoring arrangements by checking occasionally to see if the health and safety management system is actually achieving the right results.

Such indicators can be checklist inspections, sampling, spot checks, health surveillance, follow up actions or surrogate measures such as attending safety training, meeting production targets, statutory equipment insurance reports.

Competent workforce All employees have adequate instruction and training in the skills, hazards, risks and risk controls relevant to their job.