Ian A. A. Watson – October 29th, , pm. idigam chronicle. The Idigam Chronicle Anthology is now available in PDF on DriveThruFiction! On the hunt. The Idigam Chronicle Anthology (Chronicles of Darkness) – Kindle edition by Onyx Path Publishing, Chris Allen, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Jim Fisher, Matthew . With all the hype over Blood & Smoke, I’m really interested in seeing the Werewolf equivalent in the Idigam Chronicle book. Thing is, I really.

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An idigam that has not coalesced feels constant pressure to do so — the laws of the spirit wilds push it to choose a form.

While no one really knows what the Idigam chroniclws a whole or even one of them want, below are some possible motivations for the idigam. It wanted raw material to alter and mimic, more than anything.

Originally posted by Furry View Post. Paulo Contopoulos rated it it was ok Dec 24, If it runs out of Essence first, the idigam can destroy it. MtA 2eWtF 2e. On the hunt, your blood races.

The Idigam Chronicle Anthology

As soon as we can talk about stuff, I’m sure we chronilces. But if a pack destroys an idigam, other werewolves tell the story for years to come. These creatures have no natural right to do what they do.


Inge Dahl marked it as to-read Aug 06, Petri Wessman rated it liked it Jun 28, It might seem strange, but some idigam want to be something other than what they are. No wonder, then, that they seem to be drawn to werewolves, whether out of revenge or curiosity. They are incapable of understanding that the world outside them exists, much less that it matters, and everything they perceive is assumed to be a figment of their imagination.

It was the moment of creation, the first time life began. Javier rated it it was amazing Nov 26, The target cannot free itself, but can be freed if the prison is destroyed. Doing this usually requires that the target be incapacitated. I hate that feeling, so I try not to do it to others if at all possible.

Some idigam, though, are capable of manipulating the Gauntlet itself. They are terrestrial spirits; they were just banished to the moon. Rumors About Idigam Chronicles.

This usually still requires a grapple, but the idigam can absorb Essence each turn equal to its Rank. As for living servants, the idigam can order its servants to Claim or possess human beings or animals, or plants, or machines. Of course, this also makes them solipsistic sociopaths.

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New Release: The Idigam Chronicle Anthology – Onyx Path Publishing

Originally posted by Christian A View Post. Its actions just come off looking random. A spirit of oceans, for instance, might remember its own formation and thus be able to explain the creation of the idigam.

In addition, the victim suffers one point of lethal damage per day, and this damage can only be healed through supernatural means. You hunt people and spirits, hosts and other werewolves. They can coalesce and gain a measure of stability, but the idigam might look around at the living creatures and stable spirits of the world and long for that simplicity. Adrian rated it really liked it Oct 29, Kevin Weaver rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Lists with This Book.

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