I’m sort of on the fence between the IFO Mk3 and the Mini IFO. I like that the Mk3 would handle outdoor a bit better than the Mini because it’s. The IFO Mk3 is a great all around airplane. Made of carbon rods, ripstop nylon, and kevlar thread, it’s easy to build, very durable, and repairable. The IFO can be . IFO is defined as Indoor Flying Object somewhat frequently. IFO Mk3 Indoor Flying Object; Conflat A Wagon Bachmann Bachmann Conflat A.

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It’s best described as a carbon rod framed, plastic skinned, kite with a GWS Pico Stick motor and elevon control. To prise the Mini IFO from me would require surgery.

So that doesn’t count does it?

The New T-IFO From WildRC

You may not post new threads. Connectors are then slipped on the rods. Now each iifo things went pear shaped and the the model approached a pond I instinctively firewalled the throttle and the Mini IFO made rude noises as it skimmed just above the surface and leapt back into the air.

Finish by applying contact cement to the excess, and wrapping the excess around the carbon frame and over the rods to the ripstop, so that you have a smooth wrap around the frame. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


Remember Me Forgot Password? Samples in periodicals archive: Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. Now for some of flight pictures taken by my trusty photographer my wife. The kit uses a whole new idea for connecting the rods, instead of wrapping everything.

IFO MK3 building plan – RC Groups

They were not especially valuable as data sources, excepting a few cases like testing for the stability of Space Ship tail feather angles. Remember Me Forgot Password? Jul 09, Originally Posted by jjw. Current Flight Weight is Thus by definition a Mini IFO is a smaller indoor flying object. Yet the model took advantage of any momentary lapse in my concentration, for even a nanosecond, to become fatally attracted to this relatively small area of water.

I’d have to lose just over 2 ounces to get the mk3 down to the wing loading of the mini. I guess I didn’t look hard enough.

Ifo Mk3??? – RCU Forums

It was called I. My throttle thumb just froze for the rest of that very short flight as my reactions were about half a second behind the model. Mine is a fairly average size back garden but after about 10 flying ifoo on 7 cells I was struggling. It’s the first indoor flying object with peristaltic propulsion.

They are going to send me a new kit with the right plans.

The first thing to do after unpacking the kit is to check against the supplied material list for any omissions and there were none. Using a peristaltic movement to drive a balloon was previously unknown in the; The AirJelly is the first indoor flying object to use such a peristaltic Eric builds a modified iffo IFO.


I’ll second “Heads Up RC” Just plug them in and apply CA! Turns mk33 it’s own length This time the damage was more severe, the covering was ripped and detached so workshop repairs would be necessary 5 minutes. Was kind of like it was attached to a Yo-Yo string!

The following errors occurred with your submission. I used the provided ripstop, though my preference on the mini was plastic emergency poncho material. Click on the pic to visit the IFO website. After 3 flights with 8 cells and not a single dunking I was like a nk3 with two tails.

HobbyKing “Blue Wonder” alternative

IFO questions Mk 3 and trainer. Unidentified Indoor Flying Object Entry Based on the recoil principle Extremely high stress areas such as the landing gear legs, still use the thread wrap connections, as does the fuselage connection to the leading edge of the wing. AirJelly is the first indoor flying object with peristaltischem drive.