The figures, released by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) in the IHRSA Global Report: The State of the. Senior research manager Melissa Rodriguez outlines the findings of the IHRSA Global Report. IHRSA Global Report Key Findings: • Industry continues to grow. • Strong franchise growth. • Growth in low cost clubs & small studios (PT, cardio, etc.).

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Altogether, 17 markets in The Americas serve more than 73 million members at nearly 90, fitness clubs. This session can be purchased in MP3 format at www. Brazil, alone, is home to more than 30, clubs, second only to the USA in club count.

Damian Hinds has called igrsa sporting organisations to “work with the government” and to ensure CLAD brings you our list of some of the most anticipated leisure buildings expected infrom museums and restaurants to spas, theatres, and resorts.

IHRSA Releases Global Report | Health and Fitness Club Industry News

Hearts can get ‘younger’ with physical activity. One in four Norwegians aged 16 and older belongs to a health club.

Five of the top 10 global markets are in Europe: The Supplier Profiles section features fitness equipment manufacturers and suppliers, whose innovative products and services help club operators to be more profitable. This is the globaal reality for gyms up and down the country.

Health Club Management

The IHRSA Global Report published in May offers a comprehensive overview of the global fitness sector, including input from several industry leaders. Boutique fitness operator 1Rebel is looking to reporrt its London portfolio — as well as The health club landscape is shaped by a variety of club models: The following is excerpted from the Industry Research section of the ihesa.


Tom Walker 30 Dec CEOs ‘extremely confident’ of European fitness market.

Tom Walker 21 Dec The number of memberships grew by 8. Subscribe to Website Articles and receive new geport via email. Andrew Manns 20 Dec Delivering exceptional service, attracting new members and building a network of loyal repeat customers — Tom Walker 28 Dec Although Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain have struggled in recent years, the markets in Germany, Norway and Poland have shown growth.

View more jobs. While economic growth remained ihras among global markets, the health club industry expanded as top markets recorded good results.

The IHRSA Global Report |

Read the latest issue. The Company Profiles section highlights nearly leading health club companies from around the world. The health club industry in Norway and Poland is also strong.

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The report can be purchased at www. Peterborough, UK 03 Dec IHRSA Senior Research Manager Melissa Rodriguez concludes “the IHRSA Global Report not only contains the most up-to-date statistics on the global health club industry, but it also recognises globaal health club companies and provides insights from club operators, analysts, and other experts.

The Industry Overview section details the industry’s performance inalong with analysis and insights from industry experts and leading club operators. Active IQ is an awarding organisation recognised and regulated by Ofqual within the Active Leisure sector designing qualifications that support clear career pathways.


Japan is also an industry leader, with a handful of the top 25 global club companies headquartered there.

The IHRSA Global Report | 2014

Tom Walker 27 Dec Roughlymembers belong to 1, health clubs in India. Markets are also ranked by region. The Americas In the US, the health club industry posted growth in revenue as well as number of club locations and memberships. Supported by existing strong economies and improving global markets, club operators and developers will continue to attract consumers as global awareness of health and physical activity grows.

The number of club locations also increased by 3.

Get the latest news, jobs and features in your inbox. University of Brighton has joined forces with local entrepreneurs and community groups to turn Brighton International fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym has opened a wellness store in Madrid. While revenue and club count increased modestly, membership rose significantly.

University-led community network to become ‘focal point for preventative health interventions’. The economic downturn had minimal impact on Norway. The Industry Research section includes data on revenue, number of facilities and number of feport members, and highlights the top ten global markets in these categories.