Zannie Adams, author of Hold, on LibraryThing. Works by Zannie Adams Naughty Nuptials (Anthology 7-in-1) (Contributor) 4 copies; Inescapable 3 copies . Inescapable – Zannie Adams. Inescapable. by: Zannie Adams (author). Format: ebook. Publish date: Publisher: Ellora’s Cave. Pages no: Zannie Adams’s author page. Inescapable · Zannie Complicated Zannie Adams Victoria is a quiet, old-fashioned librarian and rarely does anything wild or .

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Sumisu rated it liked it Nov 26, The man watched her. Riana swallowed hard and realized what he was telling her.

No authority to keep any sort of order. She twirled her nipples between her fingers and thumbs and felt the tugs at her pussy in response. The man readjusted his hand, sliding his finger into her pussy to test her readiness. Now he was standing silently, one hand resting loosely on a bar.

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And then their manacles clattered to the floor as Davis released them remotely. He was sleek and efficient. And then some yoga stretches.

Zannie prefers to spend most of her time writing, but she has to stop occasionally to teach writing and literature at adamw liberal arts college and to walk her dog.


Zannie Adams | LibraryThing

Refresh and try again. She knows she’s never been to any place this strange so who cares if she admits it? She was just scared of what would happen afterward, when she had to give herself to him. She gasped and arched up as she felt another tug of pleasure shoot down to her pussy. Chantal rated it really liked it Jan 03, She was just recognizing the gush of his semen in her pussy and assuring herself that she was up-to-date on her yearly birth control treatments when suddenly all light left the cell, the entire Hold falling into pitch darkness.

Rosie rated it it was ok Dec 10, Give yourself to him in return for protection.

Zannie Adams

The lines of trust, pleasure, and control begin to blur as Rachel and Milton discover the one thing they can never escape. And in her gut she knew they were true. Amy rated it it was ok Feb 13, What’s wrong with being an innocent?

Riana gulped in what air she could over the strangling lump in her throat and turned to face Thorn with the last bit of courage she possessed. After a minute, he pulled up and rolled over, adwms as he sprawled out on his back. Her foot slammed into his mouth and jaw, knocking inescaapable backward.


She gave a hard sideways kick, landing it precisely on his groin. They were nearing the end of the opposite side when Riana noticed a particular cell set off by itself.

Robbin rated it it was ok Sep 14, Lists with This Book. Anyone would have to come through him to get to her. MJ rated it liked it Sep 29, But some of the other guards did, ogling or making crass comments about her body. There were no specified terms on prison sentences for the Coalition. Now she was locked in this cell with a nameless criminal. Topics Mentioning This Author. No matter how abrupt the offer, it was a generous gesture.

It had been a risk, but Riana had thought he might. The room was foul—dirty and smelling strongly of stale sweat and faintly of urine.