INTERNSHIP REPORT ONPAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED Submitted to: The Chairman Department of Business Administ. An internship report; internship in the department of WLL, Switching and The system of E-PAYMENT which although exist in PTCL finance. internship report on ptcl history Financial analysis all things available.

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The World Bank also held this view.

If the involved party vendor or employee is exempted from withholding tax so provide details of exemption. Therefore, Ufone has always balanced its expansion efforts and quality of service. P Legal Naveed Saeed S.

First of all I want to say thanks to my seniors, colleague, and friend who assist me on every stage of this report to write. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL.

Internship Report on Ptcl

In addition to its research ambitions, the Center will also be providing high quality professional training courses to PTCL and other telecom interndhip. Extraordinary leave is for 1 to 3 years without salary.

Time barred Cheque is a type represents those Cheques which are not presented within six months, these will be reversed by the S. All about call center B. Etisalat onternship currently operating in 16 countries of Middle East, Asia and Africa and is continuing to pursue new mobile and fixed line opportunities in many growth markets.

Internship Report on Ptcl | Free Essays –

Presently it has 8 members. With the help of DSL a customer can enjoy Pctl and Internet facility without keeping their normal telephone number busy. A brief question-and-answer session More information. In it opportunity tends to be limited to formal promotion paths, and power flows from the contacts and resources inherent in a defined position. An employee who have completed 5 year of service will get 3 years of leave and if an employee have completed 3 year of service he will get 1 finnance leave.


If an employee has completed 25 years of service he can get 1 year of LPR. All about call center Customer. PIBAS Pakistan is a software company focused on developing end-user solutions for financial institutions. Red to pay roll section. Training programs are planned, Organized and often staffed through the H. What we do We accelerate business performance by connecting companies to their. In total there are more than million subscribers of mobile phone.

There are only 40 countries with which PTCL is directly connected through satellite while the remaining international connection of traffic to other countries through different carriers.

Rural communicationsInc. It delivers a high quality IT More information. The Telecoms Operator in Focus and. After testing the data, based on real scenarios, in quality Server the data is ready for transferring in production from where internsip users use it live.

It inteernship been created in the first place to take advantage of specialized talent and knowledge. The Group continued to maintain More information. An overview of Vodacom Business Finaance portfolio Access. In addition, to practically learn concepts which have been learned theoretically in education and to develop the understanding of the function performed by Reporh Accounts and Finance.

Swot analysis consists of internal as well as external factors to the organization. We are striving towards mobilizing the world for the future.


Disability leave is for the employees who have suffered due to accident. To lead the telecommunication industry in Pakistan. Organization Interest must be the first priority while working. They even disrupted Phone lines of some big Finnace institutions like Punjab University Lahore and many lines of public sector were also blocked. These results are consolidated. Some of these methods are as follows.

The actual DBMS that communicates with the application servers to fulfill their requests for data. This text contains explanations or notes which apply to the document as a whole, that is, not only for certain line items. Clearing a vendor document means nothing is outstanding for the document; the document is completed in all respect. The QAS Quality Assurance Server or is used for the trainings purposes and to familiarize the user internshup the system.

Last Year, in middle of Government of Pakistan had decided to sell at least 26 percent of this company to some private agency. These companies will install their equipment directly in PTCL premises in ready fitted environment.

Annual report of PTCL, The company maintains a leading spot in Pakistan as infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country. The company maintains a leading position in Pakistan as an Infrastructure Provider to the other telecom operators and corporate customer of the country.