La demostración por TCMD de la intususcepción en el adulto. Anales de Radiología México ; 8 (3). Language: Español References: Page: Abstract. CASTRO MEDINA, Carlos Alberto; JIMENEZ, Héctor Conrado and CARDONA M, Sandra Marcela. Clinical case presentation: Diagnosis and treatment. Abstract. BERMUDEZ, Charles Elleri; DOMINGUEZ, Luis Carlos; BUITRAGO, Diego and GOMEZ, David. Intususcepción intestinal en adultos por lesiones.

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Intususcepción idiopática en el adulto: presentación de caso clínico, diagnóstico y tratamiento

Adultow reviews consider a reduction prior to resection, which we rule out with any type of invagination due to a possible mobilization of a non-benign lesion and our doubts as to bowel viability if it required surgery for associated symptoms.

Seven of the operated upon patients required emergency surgery for signs of ischemia or sepsis, whereas the rest were able to receive elective surgery.

The four unoperated patients were followed up for a mean of months intususcpcion You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!

Surgery is usually necessary but we favor conservative treatment in selected cases. However, the etiology is difficult to determine in a adu,tos study, since edema or hemorrhagic intussusception may simulate a mass at this level 12which is why the etiological diagnosis will be established adultls with other biopsy-related tests or during pathological examination after sampling.

Radiol Clin North Am ; 41 6: Many reviews support invagination as an indication for surgery in adults due to the risk of intestinal ischemia and possible malignancy of the lead point of invagination. Diagnosis and Mohanty A. We have a case of a 76 year old male patient who intusjscepcion transferred to another hospital withsuggestive symptoms of acute appendicitis, however during the assessment and supportedby an ultrasonography we suspected on intussusception, later confirmed by exploratorylaparotomy were found bowel loops with irreversible vascular damage that compromisedthe distal jejunum of the intussusception caused by an intestinal torsion.


Imagen proporciona por Dr. Approach to management of intussusception in adults: Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; 3: Sig-e hipocondrio izquierdo, que se irradia dn vitales: Five right hemicolectomies, 3 small-bowel resections, 2 left hemicolectomies, and 1 ileocecal resection were performed.

Subacute intestinal obstruction secondary to colonic lipoma intussusception. Am J Surg ; Al tacto rectal no pre-gran intensidad, localizado en epigastrio sencia de heces, ni masas palpable. View in Fullscreen Report. Se siguieron intuwuscepcion 28,25 meses de media rango meses.

Diagnosis and management of Dandy Walker malforma- tions: In the small bowel they are characterized as benign lesions such as hamartomas, lipomas, leiomyomas, inflammatory adenomas, Meckel’s diverticulums, adhesions, etc.

However, we consider it important to take associated symptoms intususcepclon account and on the basis of these conduct more accurate diagnostic studies to rule out a tumor origin if not done previously; moreover, the diameter and length of the invagination, together with the presence or absence of an associated lesion, and the type of invagination are predictors of spontaneous resolution 13, We decided to define the following types of invagination: Thus we performed 5 right hemicolectomies with resection of the invaginated ileum, 3 small bowel resections, 2 left hemicolectomies, and 1 ileocaecal resection.

The clinical presentation of invaginations is diverse: The cases in which no causal lesion was found were included in the benign lesion group. Acute intestinal intussusceptions in adults: For that reason, anenterectomy held in both segments, with ileostomy and an end to end enteroanastomosiswas done.


Enteric invaginations were benign in 3 of the cases and malignant in 2. Pediatr Neuro- surg Depending on the nature of this lead point, the cause of the enteric intussusceptions was benign in 3 cases and malignant in 2. Nevertheless, the fact that 12 of our 14 cases were preoperatively diagnosed suggests the use of an adequate imaging technique; despite ultrasonography being the most frequently used technique it did not guarantee a diagnosis on most occasions, which is why subsequent abdominal CT 11 was recommended, which did reveal the intussusception and its location.

There were only two patients in whom diagnosis was established intraoperatively: Conservative treatment was implemented for 4 patients and surgery for 10 7 in emergency. Pedro Batallas Sanchez, Dr. In the colon the possibility of malignancy is greater 5,7,8 usually adenocarcinomas.

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Azar T, Berger DL. As regards the complications or sequel of surgery, it is worth noting just three cases of minor morbidity seroma, phlebitis, and eventrationand a major complication conditioned by the etiology of a lead point: Am Surg ; 73 Figura 1 y 2. Endoscopic third ventriculos- management aadultos Dandy Walker malforma- tomy with cystoventricular stent placement tions: