Produžetak radnog veka ugroženih zona mašinskih konstrukcija moguće je izvesti Takođe, izvršeno je eroziono ispitivanje prevlake promenom osnovnih. DIVK, Društvo za integritet i vek konstrukcija, Society for Structural Integrity and Life. Osnovni cilj ispitivanja mašinskih konstrukcija jeste da se smanji broj konstrukcija bez zadovoljavajućeg kvaliteta koje se odbacuju kao neusklađen proizvod ili.

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Temparature dependence of the impact response of copper: Effect of impact angle and velocity on erosion of API x42 pipeline masinksih under high abrasive feed rate.

XVII redovna godišnja skupština DIVK

Harris P, Smith BL. Article Tools Print this article.

Hardfacing bay Plasma Transferred Arc Process. J Mater Process Tech. Email this article Login required. Some effects of temperature on the erosion of metals. Erosion Caused by Impact of Solid Particles.

Corrosion of mild steel and L austenitic stainless steel with different surface roughness in sodium chloride saline solutions. Metal-matrix composite coatings by Kpnstrukcija surfacing.


J Mater Eng Perform. Corrosion and electrochemical behavior of L stainless steel in sulfate-reducing anf iron-oxidizing bacteria solutions. The Mechanism of Erosion in Ductile Materials.

Clinical Manual Of Psychopharmacology In The Medically Ill Pdf

Fourth National Thermal Spray conference. Pulsed current plasma transferred arc hardfacing. Must be loged in to download. The impact angle dependence of erosion damage caused by solid particle impact. Improving the corrosion wear resistance of AISI L stainless steel by particulate reinforced Ni matrix composite alloying layer.

Influence of particle velocities and impact angles on the erosion mechanisms of AISI steel. New York, Springer, Slurry erosion studies on surface modified 13Cr-4Ni steel: Post a Comment Login required. Measurement of solid particle velocity in erosive wear. Ductile-brittle transitions wear maps for the erosion and abrasion of brittle materials.

DIVK (Društvo za integritet i vek konstrukcija)

Levy AV, Crook P. Performace evaluation of HVOF deposited cermet konstrukcijs under dry and slurry erosion. Treatise on Materials Science and Technology.


Production of L stainless steel implant materials by powder metallurgy and investigation of their wear properties. Using exposure tests to examine rouging of stainless steel.

Abosrra L, Ashour A.

Ispitiavnje and computational study of erosion in elbows due to sand particles in air folw. The effect of velocity on the solid particle erosion rate of alloys. Solid particle erosion behaviour of metallic materials at room and elevated temperatures.

The many facets and complexities of L ant the effect on properties.

Sundararajan G, Roy M. Effect of impingement angle on slurry erosion behaviour and mechanisms of steel and high-chromium white cast iron.

Effect of erodent properties on the solid particle erosion mechanisms masinekih brittle materials. User Username Password Remember me. The erosion properties of alloys for the chemical processing industries. J Phys D Appl Phys.