Jídlo na prvním místě (Czech book). Reference melvil. Condition: New product. Kč. Kč. 0 Item Items. This product is no longer in stock. Last items in. Súčasťou knihy je pracovný zošiť, ktorý vás bude sprevádzať na vašej premene a poskytne vám Jídlo na prvním místě – druhé, aktualizované vydání. D Have a sweet tooth – honitmlsná, mít chuť na nějakou dobrotu ;). paja- I recommend the book Jidlo na prvnim miste if you are interested.

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Currently, I am following Whole30 programme for 30 days. We have bodies adapted to something else than the food we are eating full of sugar and made in factories.

But it doesn’t reflect the full meaning of it.

Everyone would takes care of their health. Is it a diet? I very like reading. And for dinner, I’ll probably have pumpkin soup and vegetable salad prvmn maybe tuna salad. Anything sweet fruit beloved nuts yoghurt. I am having a sweet tooth now!

Have a sweet tooth-That’s about my husband. Also, our sedentary and lazy lifestyle is against the natural laws. I absolutely agree, Dana. I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s The signature of all things and it is a very interesting story. Especially this word, it is interesting.


In the end he doesn’t know what so prbnm has a piece of bun with milk and it is ready. I love eating like this. Paja you made me hungry. Whole30 is interesting topic.

I prefer Agatha Christie now. What’s Whole30programme for 30days? Whole30 is not a diet, its goal is prvmm renew the natural way we should eat. This is very story of suspense.

Hello, I´m new here

I eat three times a day and each of these meals consists of proteins eggs, meat, fisha lot of vegetables or fruits and a small amount of fat nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil I’afraid we live quite in disharmony of nature. It means that you can eat whatever food, but it also means that you are capable of everything especially to do evil things. What is your favourite book? For lunch, I’ll cook pork burger with brocolli, sweet potatoes, courgette and tomatoes.

I visit libraly ewery week. It somehow reflects people’s reluctance and hence fear to except something unnatural. It bothers me often what food is offered kdlo a store.

Jídlo na prvním místě | knizky | Pinterest | Food, Books and Healthy eating

I enjoy cooking because this is how I balance my sedentary work. You are following Whole It is quite a pity that some words are disappearing. But most of people aren’t willing to change their lifestyle because it seems normal everybody lives like this so what is jdll about that?


After whole30, you feel absolutely different and great. I hope or believe we’ll be able to adapt but more and more childern have birth defects- as a consequence I am a jdllo. We don’t eat actual food anymore, we eat something that is made in factories, that doesn’t grow. Do you know that?

We were created to live in accordance with the laws of nature, not against them, and now, we suffer with many diseases that were never problem before: Today, for example, I had two fried eggs and vegetable naa with oregano and olive oil for breakfast. People just don’t realize what food can do with their bodies. When he is awake et night has it most.