According to popular accounts, Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, by Jean-Claude Pressac (New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation;. We are extremely grateful to The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation for permission to present Jean-Claude Pressac’s extraordinary book AUSCHWITZ: Technique and . Les crématoires d’Auschwitz: la machinerie du meurtre de masse by Jean- Claude Pressac(Book) 17 editions published between and in French .

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Pressac did not answer my challenge in Perhaps this question will remain forever unanswered. It is equally obvious that orders for mass murder would have been required before the facilities began committing calude atrocities.

Thus Pressac would have us believe that German officials used their systematic mass extermination of the Jews simultaneously to murder Jews, and to save their lives. On the Auschwitz-Birkenau monument it was also four million but, inthey chiseled out this figure.

In fact, it is a simple letter, a commercial letter, with no mention of secrecy, from the German firm of Topf and Sons to the Auschwitz construction office ” Preswac “. As far as the ‘death factory’ myth was concerned, Technique and Operation represented an interception and touchdown for the revisionist side. On the basis of construction plans, without having visited Majdanek concentration camp, he undertook an incisive analysis of its alleged homicidal gas chambers.

Similarly italics will be used in some cases where languages other than English are used, and [italics] when referring to key documents. He also showed that the supporters of Jewish annihilation clauee were as annoyed with prexsac as were the revisionists. Instead, he was asked to study and photograph the ruins of crematoria in search of “false interpretations” ppressac visible objects. For this reason, Pressac fell into disgrace.

At any rate, his revelation that the “eastern extermination camps” had been constructed as transit and delousing facilities shook official ‘Holocaust’ lore to the core.

Pressac logically argued that it would have been pointless to build bathhouses in a facility designed for mass murder: This time, publication was accompanied by a noisy and well-orchestrated propaganda campaign coming from Frankfurt.

Pressac had studied the blueprints of the crematories carefully and had arrived at the same conclusions as the revisionists, namely that the crematories were constructed for normal sanitary purposes with no criminal intent.


He described his experience dramatically in the ‘Postface’ of Auschwitz: Pressac contends that HCN gas detectors are of no use in a crematory except, if, in this case, it was used as an execution gas chamber. Furthermore, Pressac states that the exhaust gasses of diesel engines and spark ignition engines are equally deadly when used for homicidal purposes, page 16 even though it is well established that the exhaust from spark-ignition engines is many times more deadly than that of diesel engines.

Simply clicking on that link will open a new browser window allowing the reader to view that text or image alongside the original page. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait It was a desperate solution, but the only logical one compatible with our resources. Thus, Pressac’s new version was no more convincing than presssc old; it merely added to the confusion. The obvious question for the serious researcher: Presxac 23 February — via Internet Archive.

The first problem with the theory is that there is not a shred of documentary or scientific evidence to support farmhouse conversions. Jexn says that the entire contents of this new book are already “tremendously well known,” except for the gas detector document that, he adds, certainly will not convince the revisionists.

Jean-Claude Pressac

Every epochal change leads to a new evaluation of rigid canons of memory which we have heretofore been taught to regard as jewn. The collaboration with Faurisson ended in personal animosity, which characterized all their subsequent relations.

We have taken certain editorial liberties with the format of the text. Thus he was forced to acknowledge the methodological principle of revisionists that, when a contradiction arises presaac witness statements and empirical science, the latter is definitive. Rosenbaum noted how much the release of the Lanzmann’s controversial Shoah film “had raised him to the vatic, prophetic heights” from which he hurled criticism at others.

We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. Be the first to add this to a list.

The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

Login to add to list. Pressac then rejected revisionism and set out to disprove its arguments. Pressac often refers to images or texts that appear on different pages than the one on the screen. I had never met him personally; however, on account of his important role in the ‘Holocaust’ controversy, I had been involved with him sincewhen I began my own research into the subject.


Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers is a truly exceptional and puzzling book, a treasure trove of unpublished wartime German documents, which give new insight into numerous heretofore unknown aspects of camp history. This kind of narration has very little in common with scientific research. The Jewish-French movie producer Claude Lanzmann commented angrily that he preferred “the tears dlaude the barber of Treblinka” to Pressac’s gas testers.

Check copyright status Cite this Title Auschwitz: By his constant reductions of the number of victims, his critiques of eyewitness accounts, and his treading on the core belief of orthodox ‘Holocaust’ lore, he caused immense damage to everyone who tried to hitch him to their wagon.

Rather than contenting himself merely with adding his voice to the side of the anti-revisionists those who believe the Holocaust mythPressac sets himself up as being one of very few true experts on the Holocaust. He was determined to scientifically challenge the question of the crematories clzude the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz even though he lacked the competence to undertake such a task.

Lists What are lists? The University of Sydney. He did this without first obtaining the necessary scientific and technical armor plating, and the discussion turned into a debacle for orthodox historiography.

Pressac used only authentic documents concerning the construction of crematoria and the gas chambers, which originated from the Nazi German office of Zentral Bauleitung der Waffen SS.

The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

This page was last edited on 8 Mayat They argue that homicidal gas chambers were not employed to murder Jews and other minorities in the camp. Separate different tags with a comma. In Poland, Holocaust denial is punishable by law. Apparently this theory is still prevalent in official ‘Holocaust’ literature. The mammoth work did indeed provide a tremendous amount of information about Auschwitz; but the new information did not concern the technique and functioning of the alleged homicidal gas chambers.

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