“You’re holding ‘Karamoja’ Bell’s Rigby. I visited Westley Richards recently to order a rifle, which you’ve always sung the praises of. Every time the question of what rifle springs up, someone’s bound to say it: Karamojo Bell killed a thousand elephants with an Did he. Karamojo Bell was a professional hunter. It was his passion, but also his business, and — being a Scot — he ran it soberly and carefully, with.

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The advantages of these I need hardly enumerate, such as their cheap ness, reliability, handiness, lightness, freedom from recoil, etc. A great Elephant hunter who excelled in bringing down these giant pachyderms with plains game calibers He shot exactly 1, elephants; about of them were shot with Rigby-made 7x57mm. I opened the bolt and there was my empty case. He is famous for perfecting the brain shot on elephants, dissecting their skulls and making a careful study of the anatomy of the skull, so he could predict paths of bullet travel from a shot at any angle in order to reach the brain.

It was his business and also his hide at stake, especially considering that the amount of money to be made was considerable.

“Karamojo” Bell on Rifles: In His Own Words

They are my favorite rifles for hunting as they get the job done. The thing that did most for my rifle shooting was, I believe, the fact that I always carried my own rifle.

A Chronicle of Adventure. I have since been told by a great authority that it was probably due to a burst case, due to weak head. And grains in the right place are as good as ten million. It was a beautiful weapon, but heavy.

“Karamojo” Bell on Rifles: In His Own Words – BookYourHunt Blog

The construction of the locks are excellent and simple to a degree, so that should anything go wrong there is no difficulty in instantly detaching the lock by hand and replacing it with a duplicate.


No, wait, with a. Retrieved 4 July I did so from sufficiently close range, but what happened I cannot say. One of his best kadamojo was to post a reward of a heifer for any African who gave him information about the whereabouts of bekl that led to five bulls being shot.

This would soon dry and tumble off at the least touch. Keeping one eye on the browsing elephant, Bell set about shaking out the powder, thumping the rifle on the ground and then against a tree to try to dislodge the bullet, laramojo finally searching for sticks skinny enough to go down a quarter-inch bore.

He peered into a dead elephant while his askaris pushed spears in from the outside, to learn the angles karamjoo the vital organs. After suffering from a heart attack in which limited his activities, Bell spent his last years on his estate. In spite of the pressures being high, the cartridge construction is so excellent that trouble from blowbacks and split cases and loose caps in the mechanism are entirely obviated.

He put out bait and armed with a. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Rather the aim was to travel as far and as fast as possible with jaramojo vehicles.

He already had a Mannlicher finished by George Gibbs of Bristol, but just for general use, as he had only soft-nose bullets for it.

However, if he had to do it all over again with a modern rifle he would choose a Winchester Model 70 in.

The Red Man

If the novice starts off with, say, three rifles: Karamojo Bell hunted elephants in all sorts of conditions. He cashed out and went home. Your name or email address: Bell also ordered cleaning rods and pull-throughs, brushes and solvents, gun oil, repairs and modifications, sights, slings, gun cases and cartridges. In he met James Sutherland and they became life long friends.

The birds came in over a rock ledge, flying straight but fast and about a hundred yards up. It was a business to him, not pleasure, and he needed to record expenditures. He did plan to return to Africa once again in — at the kxramojo of 60 and by airplane, but was interrupted by the start of WW2. For years after that I continued to use the. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The Hunter’s Guide to Accurate Shooting: Had Bell access to a better supply of.


MikeJul 4, It is interesting to compare these ballistics with what is commonly regarded as essential performance today. He sold his rifle for enough money to get back to Dawson.


White Raven always costs. I never had one single hangfire even. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The net result was still the same. The prose in his books has none of the trumpeting about the manly virtues of facing grisly death bel, which Capstick built his writing career and that has been popular ever since Hemingway went on a couple of hunting trips.

He sighted his rifles in right on the nose at 80 yards and preferred to karammojo within 30 to 40 yards of his elephants. Thanks for sharing Kano. Bell and his wife Katie spent their later years sailing competitively. Ewart S Grogan who walked from the Cape to Cairo between — That included the foot grass in the Lado Enclave, where he had to shoot from an improvised elevation. They keep a truer course, and are not so liable to turn over as the latter.

Bell recorded all of his kills and shots fired. Search Categories Archives Links. Available from Amazon and other book sellers.