A poem by Katerina Gogou. What I fear most is becoming “a poet” Locking myself in the room gazing at the sea and forgetting I fear that the stitches over my. Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi. Katerina Gogou () was a Greek anarchist poetess who is a representative figure of the ’80s radical political and cultural scene of.

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You know it, what is there for me to tell you. Square, biiiig, with long coats and cabardines, they had guns in their pockets, maybe more gun inside. I have kept some newspaper clippings about a man they claimed was you.

A poem by Katerina Gogou

When the laws are kept, how proudly his city stands! All our lives hungry we travel The same course. It was the birth of the Teddy Boy tendency in Athens, which was soon to be ruthlessly repressed by the Law No. Links to videos of Gogou reciting them are given where available. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Like rats, they say. All caused by property.

Loneliness, Our loneliness I say. June 8th, Tags: The blood on his hair leeches on the veiled homosexuality syndromes of men all around the earth. Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi occupation when famine due to conscription of all edibles led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Athens.


Before her suicide by pill overdose katreina the age of 53, Gogou appeared in over thirty Greek films. Audible Download Audio Books.

For Katarina Gogou

He was covered there, holding a machine gun, he had a short blond beard and long blond hair. As for her ideal woman figure, she was a revolutionary nonetheless, but a revolutionary unfit for the leftist heroicism of the republican era [Metapolitefsi]:. The hunted down knows. The book not being available in greece, I have provided my own translations to her poems with asterisks for explanations kateeina notions and places apologies for my literary sloppiness in advance. Click here for the guide.

Katerina Gogou / AUTOPSY REPORT

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Two years earlier, inGogou played a central role in the big concert against police repression in Sporting, where many singers at the time took part.

The end of the s was a time when the initial post-junta revolutionary chic was giving way to more substantial and contradictory urban cultures and movement, with many workers breaking free from the unions and the left, mass factory occupations, the first occupations of universities and a ferocious armed struggle against unpunished agents of the junta, with the far-right responding with bombs in cinemas, squares and leftist offices.


Until today Gogou remains the bete-noire of modern poetry in Greece with only one poetic anthology including her groundbreaking heretical work. We would not call this iconography a delirium even though she does mention delirium tremensfor she achieves a cinematic record of reality, which is beyond time and political connotations.

The best known poem recited during the film has direct political implications for the state of things in republican greece. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I was already home.

Her funeral gathered thousands of people. The Kiritsis affair was the first emblematic anarchist repression case, and played an important role in the creation of the milieu via the solidarity movement that arose for the liberation of the comrades.

The collection reflected a time of ravaging psychological anguish that led Gogou in and out of clinics for the rest of her life. The prose-poem above the drawing reads: The neck broken, detached from the body on the basic gogoi of operating separately. The features change, he becomes younger, more handsome, he enters the final clash, he climbs gloriously to his god.

I wanted -they did not let me, they said- to go out.