In this interview, translator Alan Gleason talks to Keiji Nakazawa about The result was a page autobiography in comics form, Ore wa Mita (I Saw It). Originally written in , I Saw It is a translation of Keiji Nakazawa’s Ore wa Mita. The comic is an autobiography following Nakazawa’s. I Saw It (Keiji Nakazawa, ). Click HERE to follow along. Keiji Nakazawa ( ). Posted by Christopher Sobieniak at PM.

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Meeting Keiji’s wife, Kimiyo told him that nakazaawa life was now complete. I felt something jabbed in my cheek, a nail — I still have the scar, see? On both sides all the houses were collapsed, and the streetcar wires overhead were all twisted around like spider webs.

I got an honorable mention and my name appeared in their magazine.

Americans, too, generally know about the two A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but hardly anyone knows about the extent of the B air raids that leveled most Japanese cities before that. Returning to Tokyo, Keiji met a woman who he fell in love with and married. At some point black rain started to fall on us.

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No, I was still just a keijii. Yes, exactly the eaw I wrote about it in Gen. People would collapse on top of the vegetables. Were you being commissioned by the magazines to draw specific types of stories? Later on, Keiji and Yasuto went back to their home to dig up their family’s bodies. The whole city was filled with bodies. Among manga translated into English, Barefoot Gen stands out for several reasons.

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Covers both the immediate impact and long-term effects. Nakazawa announced his retirement in Septemberciting deteriorating diabetes and cataract conditions. Retrieved April 26, But there was nothing she could do. At the peak, I was giving 20, 25 talks a year. For example, there really was keijo young A-bomb victim who taught herself to paint with her teeth. Nowadays, though, writers use whatever it takes — sex, violence — to sell as many copies as they can.

The problem is that I got labeled as a lefty cartoonist.

I Saw It, Keiji Nakazawa – This isn’t happiness

The big publishers turned it down. I do everything else. By the fourth volume, I think it looked a bit better.

Oh yes, quite a few. It was pretty messy. Sometimes, drawing manga, you can become frustrated with the limitations. Down with the imperial system! There was a first-aid station the Army had set up in a tent at the kieji of the hill, so we went there to get treatment for me.


His most recent project was a live-action film that he wrote and directed about young people growing up in postwar Hiroshima. Explosion of Tears Barefoot Gen Part 3: Oct 22, Isabelle Duchaine rated it it was amazing. I drew every day — I was a manga maniac!

Did that get you in trouble at school or with other kids? There was a lot of trial and error. U your classmates think you were weird for being a tough guy who also drew cartoons? I keiii what I want to say about the bomb through my manga. Refresh and try again. I guess a homing instinct kicked in then. That was how Hadashi no Gen [Barefoot Gen] came about. I wanted to do something that would help with my nakaxawa, so I decided to be a sign painter.

That ran in Shonen Gaho for a year. The new editor had different tastes, and decided to cancel Gen. You really have to read it to understand the horror he paints, one we as the readers never can understand as he does.