Imet Kevin Mitnick for the first time in , during the filming of a Discovery Channel Kevin put me in touch with the agent who books his speeches. She. Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most wanted computer hacker, managed to hack into some of the country’s most powerful – and seemingly impenetrable – agencies. The world’s most famous hacker discusses his new book, his exploits, his imprisonment and his success. Meet the Ghost in the Wires, Kevin.

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I remember when I worked in technical support, for example, and ran into some fraud cases. Hhe he chooses to call himself a Hacker because he’s trying to appeal to a wider audience that wouldn’t know the difference.

Mitnick is obsessive about his own privacy, and yet is utterly indignant about others’ attention to and expectation of theirs? Mitnjck you are technically minded this book is for you. Each of the men in this list has his own unique approach to shaping the world in which he lives but they all have one thing in common: He continues to hack until he is caught in dramatic fashion and put behind bars for another few years. This was in the days before the Web, before even personal computers, when computing itself involved entering programs line-by-line into computer memory and watching the read-outs on a printer, not a screen.

For him, hacking was more of a “Why did I climb that mountain? He also has a highly annoying penchant for including what seems to be every last goshdarn phone number he has ever dialed. Trivia About Ghost in the Wire As Mitnick points out several times in his own story, his escapades are remarkable enough without the crazy rumors that grew around his legend th the years.

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

The book follows Mitnick as he starts his social-engineering career. Mitnick’s behavior is deeply disturbing. He takes us through emotional up rises of getting married mirnick the woman of his dreams to downfalls of being ripped apart emotionally in solitary confinement. Executive needs the system up for an big client meeting.

I’m sure for him, the language he is using feels like “See Jane. There are some technical discussions of what Mitnick did mitnock various software programs he was interested in seeing that, quite frankly, I just skimmed.

Do mitniick have a demo reel? He became a skilled and adept social engineer using those skills to obtain some of the most valuable corporate secrets imaginable and live on the run for many years. He just wanted to read the code and understand how it worked. But there are plenty of un where I am not. As a hacker and penetration tester myself, it is refreshing to read a story where second or third-hand accounts of hacking don’t result in eye-rolling ridiculousness during the technical parts.


Himself – Author, ‘Ghost in the Wires’. Ghost in the Wires offers a wiges opportunity for us to dig into the mind of someone most in our field would consider the enemy. It is a mix between a crime novel and a computer hacker how to guide – great for a geek wannabe like myself.

Book Review: Ghost in The Wires – Kevin Mitnick

He started hacking as a teenager and never stopped. But, I rated this book highly, not because it’s all true, or because I sympathize with Kevin, or even because it’s well written not particularlybut because it’s fascinating. He may not think so, but considering the fear he elicited in those pursuing and prosecuting him, he was incredibly lucky to come away like he did, and now to have a successful business where people pay him to do the kinds of things he went to jail for.

He compares himself multiple times to wrongfully accused protagonists in various man-vs. Then this is the book for you. The story of Mitnick’s hacking, his two and a half year evasion of the police and FBI and his subsequent trial is constantly engaging and occasionally exciting, filled with tips, quirky asides, and the occasional bit of jargon pitched just above my competence.

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker by Kevin D. Mitnick

And I get the feeling that the repetitive nature of this novel is in part because it is filled with a number of lies by omission, as well as revisionist history to paint him in a better light — if not outright blatant lies.

He talks at the end on how he’s brought in to speak on how to make organizations safer but he makes no reference to these recommendations.

It’s better that you feel that way.

He was also a horrible son, grandson, boyfriend and husband, and again, doesn’t take a lot of responsibility for how his actions affected the people that loved him while he kept hacking despite warnings gost the police, FBI, and myriad companies that had been made aware of his exploits.


These stories made me root for him to succeed. But that meant as a reader, we got to read the same thing over and over again, with a change to his social engineering calls and the phone numbers he now had access to.

Ghst think it would appeal to people like software engineers and other hackers maybe or maybe computer geeks in general. He provides a bit of insight into the early childhood influences that inspired his curiosity and introduced him to the world of hacking. Mitcnick really educates you on how astonishingly easy it is to social engineer people into giving business-critical information away.

Book Review: Ghost in The Wires – Kevin Mitnick

When they find his stolen database of thousands of credit card numbers, he doesn’t understand why he should be prosecuted for possessing them because he didn’t actually use them to steal money. I was diagnosed with it but I think it was my attorney’s effort to help my defense.

Hacker used to be a nickname for obsessive computer types that would dig into depths of systems and code looking for the nooks and crannies.

That said, a lot of the book is him re-hashing variations on a theme The hacker will then send an email with malicious code attached to deliver a payload that gets mutnick hacker inside the company’s network.

Apparently the law doesn’t apply to KM, because HE never hurt anyone what about the people whose trust he broke? Infomercial for LifeLock, identity security system. What do you think of that? My girlfriend is not in a good mood this weekend, and I feel bad for staying up till 3am this morning.

More specifically, most of his hacking was phone “phreaking,” where he cons the phone company into giving him free long distance in various ways.

The Aquaman star shares why this vengeful villain is a fan favorite. He’s able to eavesdrop on investigators that are eavesdropping on him. I started with quite a lot of expectations for this book and i’d have to say overall, I was a little disappointed. He uses his abilities not only to hide from his pursuers, but to spy on tne to see how close they are getting.