Download Palmistry For All by Cheiro containing new information on the study of the hand. Cheiro wrote several books on palmistry, numerology and related. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the.

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Of the Prince of Wales, he wrote that “I would not be surprised if he did not give up everything, including his right to be crowned, for the woman he loved. Krishnendu12das rated it it was amazing Feb 16, If this curved line is clearly marked and not interfered with by things that look like blotches in it, the person, although of a completely opposite turn of mind to the practical, will yet rise superior to the occasion, and for the time being will develop a practical or business-like way of looking at things which may even be the very reverse of the nature.

Since Cheiro and William Benham are two of the giants in the history of palmistry at least in the English speaking world it palmstry instructive to compare the two. Sara Clark rated it it was amazing Dec 19, In this way, he and Benham stand out like brothers across the years; each driven by an unyielding desire to assist in the emergence of hand reading into the mainstream of public awareness. As a general rule, I prefer to think of the left as the more private, personal, emotionally oriented hand and the right as the hand you present to people.

If on the liro hand the same mark has become clearest the man developed, followed, or cultivated the mental qualities of the mother more than those of the father.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

Such a man, however, palmiistry be depended upon in all positions requiring personal mental work, research, science, literature, philosophy, educational work or, in fact, anything relating to the higher qualities of the mind.

Whether or no these kigo philosophers were more enlightened than we pzlmistry has long been palmisrry question of dispute, but the one point and the most important one which has been admitted is, that in those days the greatest study of mankind was man. For all such professions it is, however, fortunate, and an extremely lucky sign to have, as it promises in all cases luck, brilliancy, and recognition in the world.

I have seen, for example, many students make the mistake of paying great attention to what looked like a good Line of Sun or Success, and, at the same time, not noticing a weak, badly formed Line of Head, which contradicted the promise of success given by the various lines.

I have also recorded what are the difficulties that arise in the minds of those students who meet this, that, or the other mark or line and search in vain for some explanation as to its meanings.


In almost ever respect I consider Cheiro the most highly gifted of all. However, more often than not, all I get from Cheiro is the straight party line of all the eighteenth century palmistry books.

International Institute of Hand Analysis

A curious characteristic, however, and one that has not been noticed by other writers on this subject, is, that on all hands where the Sun Line is seen, the nature of such people is much more sensitive to environment than that of those persons who do not possess this Line.

In addition, there are the usual differences in interpretation based upon the worldview of the eighteenth century compared to today. For instance, Cheiro, in talking about the Simian Crease, states that this combination of Head and Heart Lines occurs in about one hand per thousand the actual average is between three and five kkiro hundred.

This point alone is worthy of the consideration of all parents, and if observed by them would do much to help such children kior develop mental control over themselves. When a branch seems to shoot off from this line and runs on to the Mount of LunaPlate X. It may know how long this force will last, when it will be exhausted, and consequently may mark the hand long years in advance.

A Line of Heart made up like a chain, or by a crowd of little lines running into it, denotes flirtations and inconstancy in the love nature, and seldom has any lasting affection. The slightest change or deviation in the markings from the left to the right should be carefully noted down or remembered.

Once he has these two points firmly established, he has gained the great keynote to this subject. I know the basic of the same, and now I am on my way learning more about the subject.

Cheiro was palmsitry pseudonym for William John WarnerNovember 1, – October 8, who was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century. In this latter case, curiously enough, it often denotes that the person had at that period of his life become more wealthy or prosperous, [Pg 28] and so he was able to develop the artistic side of his nature.

The day I had this interview, Lord Kitchener, or, as he was then, Major-General Kitchener, was at the War Office, and to take this impression had to use the paper on his table, and, strangely enough, the imprint of the War Office may be seen at the top of the second finger—in itself perhaps a premonition that he would one day be the controlling force of that great department.

He was then almost forty-four years of age, and I remember well how Palmitry explained the still kido positions and responsibilities that his path of Destiny mapped out before him. These miro seem to strike the happy medium between the ideality and pride given by Jupiter, and the more selfish love nature given when the line rises from Saturn.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

When it lies very high on the hand and the space is narrowed only palmistrry the Head Line being abnormally high ppalmistry out of its place, it indicates the reverse of the above, and that the affairs of the heart are ruled by the head. On extremely long, thin hands, those that belong to what is called the Psychic Type, [4] the Line of Sun [Pg 65] has very little meaning except that of temperament, such persons being too idealistic to care for either wealth, position, or worldly success.


If, on the other hand, the student had first noticed the Line of Head, he would have been able to tell the subject that the promise of success was not pxlmistry up by the intelligence or the mentality.

A very good plan, in trying to see these Lines, is to press this portion of the hand with the tips of the fingers, and then note which of these small lines stand out the most clearly. DN rated it really liked it Kro 31, They are continually getting themselves into trouble and into false positions, but, I must admit, more by a strange fatality of things than by their own wilful actions. This is just one example of Cheiro’s leaning on historical but not necessarily accurate palmistry. Madan Khaneja rated it really liked it Sep 29, An employee with this class of thumb should never be given any position of authority over others, for he could not curb his ungovernable temper.

All over the world scientists are little by little sweeping aside prejudice and beginning to study occult questions. If the fingers look unusually long and thin, and in this way out of proportion palistry the palm, the man or woman will err on the side of too much ideality and refinement and is not suited to business or work requiring “level plmistry and practicality.

Cheiro – Wikipedia

In studying the hand it will be kirro that the Line of Fate may rise from the following distinct positions:. If the former case, one may be sure that it is a question of head and mentality and very little heart; but if the latter, it is a question of more intensity of feeling emotion and affection than of mental intensity.

While speaking on this particular point, I must also call attention to the fact that when the Line of Head is curved downwards instead of running straight across the palm, that it seems to be more attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus and gives more to the imaginative, romantic nature, showing a greater tendency to fall in love, than with people who possess the Line of Head running straight across the hand, as if it were not attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus.

In the first place the principal rule the student must bear in mind is, that islands must be considered as showing a weakness in any line wherever they may be found, and are to be considered unfortunate signs.