Troubleshooting KiXtart. Introduction. KiXtart provides extensive logging of. KiXtart Command Reference. Bold items are new to this release. KiXtart Function Reference. Bold items are new to this release.

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In User Manager, select the user. We can use the CSD variable to get the service pack information:.

Also check the event log or kixtart. The same INGROUP feature can be used to add network connections as well, so here is how you can control connections to network shares based on group membership. Please think of a really good password in the meantime.

The KiXtart web site has the complete documentation for all commands and functions that are at your disposal, and you kixtaet download them in kixtarr variety of formats I recommend the CHM format from http: See the paragraph on pre-tokenizing for more details.

KiXtart cannot retrieve the network information. Prevents KiXtart from displaying a console window. For example, if Kix By default, KiXtart automatically looks for a personal script for the current user ” Username.

So what can you do with KiXtart? With KiXtart, you can have one central login script that can adjust dynamically to the user, location, operating system or even the computer itself.


KiXtart supports the following commandline manyal.

Completely unrelated to Route 66 of course is KiXtarta free, free-format scripting language for Windows. In this example I also introduced variables, which are specified with the dollar sign. There really is little you cannot do, and most tasks can be accomplished with as little as one or two lines of code.

In the Logon Script Name box, type “Kix32”. Map a network share depending on the IP address. The password can have any length. Errors such as “Label not found” or “Unknown command” appear in an otherwise faultless script.

Get your KIX on route 66 – Powerful (login) scripts made easy with KiXtart

Make sure that you do notin any way, disconnect or re-redirect the drive from which KIX This means that if you specify multiple scripts on the commandlineany global variables and user-defined functions you have defined in a script will also be available to any subsequent scripts. You can also use the EnumIPInfo if you need to get more information from the network adapter.

Things have changed since then of course, and installing Perl today on every kxitart in your domain would be rather simple with GroupPolicy ActivePerl provides a MSI. You must be logged in to post a comment. How about some practical examples of what you can do with KiXtart:. Here is an overview: Route 66 was a US highway that connected Chicago with Los Angeles or vice versawith a total length of almost miles for the rest of world using the metric system: I think they are fairly self-explanatory.


For example, using the registry functions, you can save user responses and previous alerts in mixtart registry, and later read them again. By default, pretty much any system property is available as a macro macros always start with the symbol.

KiXtart Function Reference

In mnual mode, a script can be executed statement by statement, the maunal of variables or macros can be displayed, and you can execute arbitrary script commands. Although KiXtart is a free-format language, some literals, such server names that contain a hyphen -can cause errors. To run KiXtart manually. The upgrade will take approximately 30 minutes, and you will not be able to use your computer at that time. These are simplified examples, and there is a lot more you can do.

In debug mode, the top line of the screen is used to display the current line in the script starting at the current statement.