Knightly Orders Of – Property Is Theft! Views. 5 years ago. Knights, · Knight, · Legion, · Knighthood, · Bonus, · Solamnia, · Dragon, . Knightly Orders Of – Property Is Read more about knights, knight, legion, knighthood, bonus and solamnia. Knightly Orders of Ansalon contains information useful for both players and Dungeon Masters, as well as Dragonlance fans who wish to know even more about.

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The Ordera of Steel was founded to battle oppression from all sides, fighting for freedom. When you place your order through Biblio, the seller will ship it directly to you.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon

What makes Biblio different? Flat-footed AC should be 19, not 18, due to uncanny dodge.

The Legion of Steel was…. Please select a support frequency. Sovereign Press Wizards of the Coast. I can’t check much of his stats, given that Knight of the Lily information was left out of the book.

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asnalon Of course, this is easily fixed by spending one of his 10 outstanding skill points accordingly. I never read any of the main novels in the series, either; the only ones I’ve ever read were Kendermore and the two about Kang and his band of draconian engineers. The Dark Knights, somewhat predictably, are lawful evil, and split up into three distinct orders – the Knights of the Oc, Knights of the Skull, and Knights of the Thorn. Since the Age of Dreams, warriors have raised arms for good and evil across the face of Krynn.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon Average Rating: Legends of the Twins. Inventory on Biblio is continually updated, but because much of our booksellers’ inventory is uncommon or even one-of-a-kind, ansakon do happen from time to time. Should have 9 feats, not just 8 5 as a 12th-level character, plus 4 bonus ranger feats.

Taken as a whole, Knightly Orders of Ansalon seems to do a pretty good job of codifying the material about the three knightly orders in the Dragonlance novels, although the authors’ personal creativity may have been severely hampered by the work of previous novelists.


The Knights of Solamnia are lawful good paragons of all that is good in the world; they’re split into three different organizations, each focused on a specific aspect of “knightlihood” – the Knights of the Crown, Knights of the Sword, and Knights of the Rose.

I feel sorry for the four authors of this book, basically being stuck trying to make such material interesting, when so much of it is a rehash. Flat-footed AC should be 20, not 19, due to uncanny dodge. Skill Based buy or gain skills.

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Great heroes and terrifying villains fight not for themselves, but for greater ideals.

Sovereign Press Publication Year: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. More tools Find sellers with multiple copies Add to want list. Again, this being my first 3E Dragonlance book, I’m not aware of many of the classes and prestige classes that many of the NPCs in this book have taken levels in, and as such my “unofficial errata” is not going to be as “tight” as I’d like, since there were big chunks of material in many of the stats that I was unable to verify, not having the appropriate material on hand to check it.

A sort of “overview” or “generic” chapter and the most valuable for those looking to just pilfer material for their own knightly orders in their homebrew gamescovering the qualities of a knight, what they do in wartime and peacetime, how to become a knight, dueling, a knight’s equipment and mounts, some basic heraldry rules, plus armiger substitution levels for the noble class a new class in the Dragonlance campaign, apparently14 feats, and 9 magic items Chapter Two – Knights of Solamnia: Wizards of the Coast.

He might be riding a dragon as well, or not – it’s hard to tell as he’s cut off at waist height.

Stars are assigned as follows:. Tags separate by space: Results 1 to 1 of 1. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Feats aren’t alphabetized correctly. In any case, my favorites in Knightly Orders of Ansalon include the armored knight on the horse with barding on page 78 this one was signed; it’s by Chris Tackett ; the painting of Storm’s Keep on page 88; the creepy, blood-drenched woman on page 92; the Blood Oath archer on page ; the mounted rangers on page ; and Jennifer Meyer’s fog-shrouded duo one fallen, one still standing on page Sunday, 4th March, Tell us what you think!


So, I feel I’m pretty well-versed in “the basics” of the Dragonlance campaign world much of my knowledge having been gleaned from the pages of Dragon magazine over the yearsbut I’m nowhere near the level of fanatic, and I couldn’t tell you much of the recent stuff that’s been going on with the most recent novels, other than that there was a Chaos uprising recently on Krynn, the homeworld of the game.

Her Inspire Greatness description says she can affect 2 allies, but as a Knight of the Rose 6, she can only affect 1. Flat-footed AC should be 13, not Other Products in “Sourcebooks”. Best of all, it’s free. Knightly Orders of Ansalon. Also, is she “afflicted,” “civilized,” “nomad,” or what?

Knihtly, “Gather Information” should come before “Intimidate.

I also like the way the dragon’s blue scales fade to purple along the wings. He shouldn’t get iterative attacks with his two hand crossbows, as you still have to load them after each shot.

Kniggtly can say that the authors of Knightly Orders of Ansalon seem to have devoted quite a bit of effort to “document” what’s been happening in the novels, so those that worry that the focus is on the novels as opposed to the campaign world may have some cause for andalon.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon

Despite being a book focused primarily on orders of knights three main ones, specifically, although there’s irders generic information in chapter onequite a bit of “background information” is provided about what’s been going on in the novels. Looks like he spent 50 of 51 skill points. This page does not exist.