· Politics of Spain · Political parties · Elections. Izquierda Comunera (English: Comunero Left, UPC) is a leftist nationalist political party active. La comunera de castilla/ The Commoner of Castilla by Maria Teresa Alvarez at – ISBN – ISBN – Esfera De . Buy La comunera de castilla/ The Commoner of Castilla by Maria Teresa Alvarez (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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The royal army, with many of its soldiers unpaid for months, started to disintegrate.

His rivalries with Gabriel Merino was also a public matter as both men had totally different and contrasting views Cathedral of Palencia Painting of Gomez Pereira The main economic of this region were agriculture,trading,cloth making and trading,wool trading, currency exchange and the kingdom’s fair. Still the muslim population of the city was very sizeable which was something that always scared the christian authorities.

The Regidor’s rule lasts as long as the concejo pleases. The landed nobility of Castile took advantage of the weak and corrupt Royal Council to illegally expand their territory and domain with private armies while the government did nothing.

I made the territorial distribution on my own. Burgo’s cathedral The main economic activities are based around ship making,fishing,mining and trading. Adrian ordered his commander Antonio de Fonseca to seize the artillery.

La comunera de Castilla by María Teresa Álvarez

Juan Bravo of Segovia argued that the land in America should be splitted into new comunidades while the bishop of Caceres argue that the land should be owned by the comunidad caatilla conquered it as Cortes had recently conquered the valley of the Mexica his intentions were obvious. Cudeyo marked it as to-read Apr 15, After the comuneros won the mostly catholic elite decided to not fullfil the treaty that the catholic kings had made with the last muslim emir to respect the religion of his subjects and decided to pursue a very agressive policy of executions,displacements and conversions.

Navarra had become comuneda very poor region after the Castillians stole their main port.

The first resolution gave Segovia and all the other comunidades the right to govern over their religious matters as long as the power of the catholic church was not harmed and protestants spread their gospel in public. Your name or email address: Each bonfire could send a representative to the concejos at the beginning but afterwards it became a more elitist club and the concejo abiertos were displaced. Once Granada was conquered a lot of people demanded it to be removed but the kings of Castile just found it as a recurrent source of money Hermandades would be something similar to the Hanseatic league.


The christian conquest caused to main migration waves to form. As such the Junta decided to create in the middle of the republic in the town of Madrid a court comunnera backed by the junta itself to solve problems between other comunidades. Regidores were usually named by comunea crown before but after the stablishment of the republic the concejo could name their regidor and depose him whenever they want. Judges could not judge the different process of the same trial 7.

La republica comunera de Castilla (a succesful comunero revolt)

Burgo de Osma’s cathedral Juan Pardo de Tavera Its main economic activities are farming,sheep hearding and agriculture. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

No trivia or quizzes yet. After years of independence and even becoming the most powerful christian kingdom in the Peninsula the kingdom had become weaker each comuneera due its inheritance law and was eventually surpassed by the two kingdoms that came out of it.

Izquierda Comunera

His faith and relations with the Pope make him a prestigious man with a reputation of being a brave and a god fearing man. As the region had no cathedrals the concejo would be taking place in the monastery of la Rabida.

He also owned multiple ships that traded with the Canary islands. This led to a lot of people from this region to focus on a military carrer. The biggest foreign comunity in the city are the Genovese that in Seville had stablished one of their main nexus in their commercial network and a lot of them have invested money in the American affair. Cuenca,Murcia and Soria were quick to raise their armies with the hopes of annexing land from Aragon.

Want to Read saving…. Some tried to move to Segovia and Campos believing that they could practice their religion in peace there but most were killed by the armies of Granada and surrounding comunidades. Still, only four cities sent representatives at first: The call to council was made by ringing the bells of the church or through another instrument, such as a horn.


The people greeted him with skepticism, but also hoped he would restore stability. These proposal was never answered so the Junta decided to go to war.

Radical and moderate comunidades, Castilian Protestants, antisemtic and tolerant comunidades – this looks like a highly interesting Spain!

His naming was controversial as the elder people were meant to hold the positions of power, but all the elder people in campoos that ran for the job were alredy too powerful and most representatives decided to name the young doctor that won the sympathy of many merchants and landlords as he had healed them lz their families in multiple ocassions.

Izquierda Comunera – Wikipedia

John, who maintained a base in Castile at the time. These event was having a huge tool in the local economy empobrishing it but the Junta was more focus on the enemy in the east more than the muslim revolt that was taking place in the south.

On September 26, the Cortes of Tordesillas declared itself the new legitimate government and denounced the Royal Council. Due its proximity with Valencia the north of the region has some of its customes and even has pockets of catalan speakers. This made the region the breadbasket of the republic and fed less productive regions.

Fernando Turell added it Apr 03, The concejos used to meet on Sundays, after mass, in the atrium of a church. With the arrival of the new king in latehis Flemish court took positions of power in Castile; young Charles only trusted people he knew from the Netherlands. A new problem that arised for the junta came from the new ka in America. The main political players in this comunidad are the guilds,the mesta and the merchants 3.