La trasfigurazione del banale 5 likes. Book. : La trasfigurazione del banale. Una filosofia dell’arte ( ) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. La trasfigurazione del banale. Una filosofia dell’arte: Arthur C. Danto, S. Velotti: : Books.

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Newsletter La Lettre di OpenEdition. And it’s peppered with small funny little observations, like when people mistake describing a painting for a value judgement on it sure that story is dark, brooding, and banae, but is it good?

Aug 04, Pa marked it as to-read Shelves: The great trazfigurazione about the Sixties was the dawning recognition that anything could be a work of art, which was something evident in all the main movements of the time — in Pop, Minimalism, Fluxus, Conceptual art, and so on.

There is no internally determined end state toward which history is moving — we have already reached and passed beyond any end state. One thought that was going to last as long as the Renaissance had lasted, but by it was over with.

Apart from the change of question, there is a change of answer to the trasfiguraaione, since nothing the two perceptually similar objects have in common can be part of what makes only one of them a work of art. Reading Danto was made especially interesting by having read The Sovereignty of Art by Christoph Menke not long before.

The only thing that really didn’t like is that the book is so dedicated to clarify trawfigurazione details of the relation between knowledge and art, that it forgets to include the aesthetic part of it. The structure of the artwork is thus very close to the structure of a metaphor. Moreover, to a unique form of life, the only one that allows and perhaps encourages semantic deferral. Warhol literally stopped drawing from until The gallery was entered through a baronial mahogany door to your left, which opened onto what looked like the store room of a supermarket.


He is talking about the differences trwsfigurazione worlds rather than institutions and might be summarized with a point made by Wittgenstein: He only does so to a camera set to asaf 22 at a 30 th of a bnale — which of course one does not see.

It certainly would not be a noticeable difference — like one having a painted handle and the other just a bare wood handle. Roughly stated, this argues that anything is art that museum directors and academics say it is, the job for the rest of us to supply the adulation.

Consider a youngster from a rural background with a relative who wishes to introduce him to the city.


They were like slaves. At the same time it facilitated the kind of uncertainty and irregularity that went with a lingering Abstract Expressionist aesthetic, especially when the mesh got clogged with ink. Anyway, whether you agree or disagree with Danto, his discussions of what makes art, art are smart and comprehensive. Dec 27, Michael rated it really liked it. Minimalism consisted of work that looked often looked like industrial objects — florescent bulbs, bricks, sections of prefabricated buildings, metal plates.


Kory rated it it was amazing Jan 22, But I would explain that since catharsis belongs to some art forms and not others, it cannot be universal — and that I was only interested in properties without which things are not art.

From Photography to Philosophy: Two Moments oF Post-Traditional Art

Una conversazione [Full text] Published in Rivista di esteticanumero speciale, supplemento al n. I felt that as a philosopher, I was fortunate to have lived when I did and where I did, at a moment when almost nothing about the art being made was interesting except for the question trasfiguarzione why it was art at all.

Meganne rated it liked it Dec 02, Each of trasfigurazioone made possible works that were, to say the least, philosophically puzzling.

Then there is the canvas in our garage since my high school art class, that I primed with red paint but banape committed to painting. Oct 11, Lauren Albert rated it it was amazing Shelves: The art world itself has no center. Lionel Trilling Book Award Marcelo Santos rated it it was amazing May 14, I need a dictionary and a notebook for this one but Danto articulates and defends his philosophy of art very concisely.

Jul 20, Dec Lloyd rated it liked it.